AXA Insurance Thailand

AXA Insurance Thailand

Buy Your AXA Health Insurance in Thailand with Royal Vacation For Long Term Visas with Packages for Different Ages.

AXA Insurance Thailand for Elderly People

Entry Age Up to 70 Years Old

Pacific Insurance Thailand

Lifetime Renewability

Certificate Issuance to the Immigration

AXA Insurance Thailand Plans

AXA Insurance Thailand Offers 3 Different Plans: Plan 1, Plan 2 and Plan 3, with Different Coverage Details and Benefits. You can Check the Coverage Details Below, or You can Submit a Request if you feel Lost and Confused to get in Touch with one of our Specialists

Insurance Plans Tables

Plans Pricing

You can Check the Pricing Details of the AXA Insurance through the below Table Depending on the Age and the Chosen Plan. Click here to Submit a Request

AXA Insurance Summary Details

Apply for Insurance

Apply for Thailand Health Insurance with AXA Thailand. AXA Offers 3 Different Plans with Different Coverages, The Price that will be Shown in the Form according to your Age is the First Plan, Our Team will Provide you with more Information through email with the Other Plans.

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