3 Reasons why Foreigners Fall in Love with Thai Ladies

3 Reasons why Foreigners Fall in Love with Thai Ladies

If you Travel to Thailand and Stay for a Long Term, There is a High Chance that you fall in Love with a Thai Woman. A lot of Foreigners Visit Thailand, and End Up by Getting Married with a Thai Woman and Relocating in Thailand. 

After talking to Expats who Passed through this Experience and got Married with a Thai Wife, we have realized that there are 3 main Reasons why foreigners Fall in Love with Thai Ladies when visiting the Land of Smiles. In this article, we will be Highlighting these Three Reasons as explained by those Expats

The Thai Culture

The Thai Culture has the Highest impact of Why Foreigners fall in Love with Thai Ladies. In The Local Thai Culture, Women are Teached to take care of the Husband by Preparing the Food for Him, Looking after his Clothes, and Taking care of his Health and Well Being. 

There is a Thai Proverb that Says that a Thai Wife Must Sleep After that her Husband Sleeps, and Wake Up earlier than him to Prepare all necessary things needed. 

Taking care of the Husband has always been one of the Core Values that Thai Women are taught About when Raising up, and that’s one of the main Reasons why foreigners fall in Love with Thai Women. 

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Thai Wife Foreigners Love


In General, Thai People are Friendly and always Smiling, that’s why Thailand has always been named “The Land of Smiles”. This is also applied for the Thai Women who are Always Smiling Which always Result in a Peaceful and Friendly Environment and that’s Something Everyone will Fall in love with. 

Why Foreigners love Thai Women

Soft and Feminine

Thai women are Soft and Still Keep the Female Traits and Characteristics unlike in Many Other Countries around the World. Women in Thailand Nowadays, Even if they are Modernized, They are Still wearing Dresses and Skirts (mostly), and Keep Wearing the Traditional Thai Dresses and are not following the Trends of wearing Pants and Jeans.

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