Arriving Thailand During COVID 19
Arriving Thailand During COVID 19
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Suvarnabhumi Airport is the main Airport in Thailand that receives international Tourists during COVID 19. The Check in and Immigration Procedures are much different than what it used to Look like before the Pandemic. In this article, we will go through the Process that you will need to go through upon arriving Thailand During COVID 19.

1) Upon landing at the Airport in Thailand, all travelers must have their travel and immigration documents inspected

The Airport Staff will Check if your documents are correct such as: Certificate of Entry, ASQ Booking confirmation Letter, Eligible Medical Insurance Covering COVID 19 Treatment Expenses, COVID test, Fit to Fly, Visa,…etc

Documents Inspected Thailand Airport

2) All Visitors will go through Screening Procedures

After Checking your documents by the Airport Staff, all visitors will have to go through Screening Procedures. This includes getting your body temperature checked and The Airport Staff will be asking you for Medical information and recent Travel History. If your Body temperature is Over 37.5 degrees Celsius with Coughing, Sneezing, Shortness of Breath and/or Difficulty breathing, You will have to Get a Swab test to check if the virus is Existing. It is a Nasal and throat Swab test and it is very accurate with a quick result.

Screening at Suvarnabhumi Airport

If the Test is negative, then you can proceed directly to the Immigration but If you test Positive, you will need to be referred to the Hospital for treatment

3) At The Immigration

Authorities will be checking multiple documents, Including the Certificate of Entry (COE), Health Insurance, Health Certification stating that you are COVID 19 Free 72 hours Prior to departing Your country of Origin. In addition, they will be looking for The Fit to fly health certification. The Authorities will also be checking that your name is on the list of Alternative state quarantine which is confirmed before arrival.

Then You will have to remove Your Face Mask so that the Immigration Staff can be able to identify your identity. Then, You will Put it back again to go collect your Baggage.

Arriving thailand During COVID immigration

4) After Collecting the Baggage

After Collecting the Bags, The Car/ Bus arranged by Your ASQ Hotel will be waiting for you. Before Getting in there, the Staff will be Disinfecting all Your Belongings. Then You will be transferred Directly to Your ASQ Hotel to Spend Your Quarantine in Thailand.

Read More About what is it really like when you spend your quarantine in ASQ in Thailand.

Desinfecting Bags at the Airport


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