ASQ -ALQ Club Thailand Meeting 24 MARCH
ASQ -ALQ Club Thailand Meeting 24 MARCH

On Wednesday 24 March 2021, ASQ- ALQ Club Thailand has arranged its third meeting at Movenpick BDMS Hotel to Discuss about the Next Stage of ASQ and Quarantine Details and Changes.

All the ASQ Hotels and Some Travel Agents (Including Royal Vacation) were invited to attend this meeting. The Main Speakers were: General Wacharitpol   Monmanerat President of Committee Consultant at the Ministry of Defense, Dr Akrapon Kurusarttra, Executive Committee, Ministry of Public Health, Mr Ekachai Srikureja the President to ASQ -ALQ Club Thailand and the CEO of Hotel Icon Bangkok Sukhumvit, and Mr. Prin patnanatham executive Assistant Manager ( EAM) of Mövenpick BDMS Movenpick bdms wellness and spa

ASQ ALQ Club Thailand Meeting on 24 MARCH

Below are the Main Points Discussed During the Meeting:

Who is Eligible for The New 10 Days Quarantine?

First of all, To clarify, the 10 days Quarantine is Actually a Total of 11 Nights stay at the ASQ Property (it’s Officially Called 10 days because Authorities don’t count the day of Arrival (Check in) and the Day of Departure (Check out)).

It was mentioned that only people traveling from Low Risk Countries will be Eligible to Stay the 11 nights Quarantine, While the Peopole traveling from the High Risk Countries will still need to Undergo the Same 15 Nights quarantine as before.

What are the High Risk and Low Risk Countries?

Till the moment, The List of the High risk and Low risk Countries is not finalized yet. It was announced that the list will be finally Published on next Monday 29 of March 2021. Before the Meeting, Hotels has mentioned in their new 11 Nights Packages that People travelling from the UK (United Kingdom) and the African Countries, Wont Be able to use the 11 Nights Packages. Which Accordingly clarifies that these countries will belong to the List of the High Risk Countries in addition to others as well.

Remark: High Risk Countries will be Considered as the Country you are traveling from and Not your Nationality.

ASQ Meeting

Alcohol consumption During Quarantine

On the 29th of March, Authorities will finalize whether Guests Staying at ASQ-ALQ will be allowed to Consume alcohol or not. The Proposal is to allow the Guests to Consume a maximum of two Alcohol Drinks Per day. (This Proposal is still waiting for a Final Approval).

Relaxation Area During Quarantine

People staying at the Quarantine Facilities will have more freedom during their Stay to use some of the Hotels’ facilities. The proposal is to let the Guests able to use the Fitness and Gymnasiums after their First Negative Swab Test (Which will be held on Day 5)if test is negative, guests would be allowed to use the recreational area from day 6 or 7 ( to be discussed and approved on 29 March) . However, The usage of the Swimming Pool has not been approved, and Only the Guest staying in Private Pool Villas are the Ones Able to use their private Swimming Pools. (It will also Be Finally Confirmed in the 29th of March Meeting).

COE Process Modifications

There will be an additional Step required while applying for the COE (Certificate of Entry), Which will require the travelers to mention how many Doses of the Vaccine they Got, and Which vaccine they have taken.

That Was the Summary of the Meeting on the 24th of March 2021.

ASQ Club Thailand Meeting

What if You want to Book Your ASQ Now and You are not Sure yet whether your Country is High or Low Risk?

In case you book your ASQ For 11 Nights, and then on the 29th of March your country of departure has been Categorized as a High risk Country, The Hotel will require the Difference of the Amount and you will be charged for the 15 Nights Package.


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