CCSA Meeting About Thailand Reopening

CCSA Meeting About Thailand Reopening

Today the 14th of October, The Thailand CCSA met in order to discuss the Possibilities to Reopen Thailand for International Tourism.

The Summary of today’s Meeting is as follows:

Thailand COE (Certificate of Entry) is going to be replaced by another New Platform Called “The Thailand Pass”, which will make the Process easier in Terms of Documents requirements and timeframe for completion.
The COE has been in Place since April 2020, and the ministry of Foreign affairs has issued 400,000 COEs from April 2020 till now for International Arrivals (Foreigners and Thai).

Lately, The COE has been an issue for many travelers especially the ones planning for the trip with a Short notice.

Regarding the Reopening Plan, No Details have been announced yet, however, the CCSA has mentioned that they are working on it and they are considering reducing the Quarantine duration for international arrivals as well as easing other Restrictions in the near future. Some of these restrictions may be: Reducing the requirements of The Mandatory insurance for entering Thailand and Reducing the RT PCR Tests requirements for International Arrivals.

Other topics that have been discussed Today are the Progress of Vaccination in Thailand for Both Thai and Expats, and The ease of Restrictions and Curfew in some parts around the Country.

COE Thailand

What about the Countries that can come without the need of Quarantine?
No Details have been published about these Countries in Today’s announcement, however, it was mentioned that the List is still under study and will be finalized as soon as possible.

The Question is, what exactly the Word Quarantine stands for?

Does it only mean The Alternative Quarantine Hotels (AQ); or The Sandbox Models are also considered as Quarantine?
This point has not been clarified in the meeting, as many people are considering the Phuket Sandbox as a Non Quarantine Model allowing International Tourists to come to Phuket without the Need of Staying in Quarantine upon Arrival. Or does that mean that the New Sandboxes that will take place in November will only be applied for Travelers coming from the Countries belonging to this List? (Pattaya Move On
, Hua Hin Recharge, Charming Chiang Mai,…
All of these Points regarding the No Quarantine Countries are not yet clear and has to be explained in details.</ahref=”https:>

Thailand reopening

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