Central Festival Koh Samui
Central Festival Koh Samui

Central Festival is the Largest Shopping Mall in Koh Samui. The Mall is Located around 10 minutes drive From Samui Airport Between Chaweng Lake and Chaweng Beach road. It is So big and it has 4 main Sections: Fisherman Village, Chaweng Port, Beach town Market and Birdcage.

The Mall has an outdoor area in addition to its Huge indoor area. The outdoor Area consists of a Landscaped garden Area with a playground area for kids, Surrounded by restaurants and Shops. The Design of the mall is modern as it was just recently opened in March 2014.

Central Festival Koh samui Opens Daily from 11:00 AM in the morning until 11:00 PM in the evening.

Central Festival Koh Samui
Photo by Per Meistrup (CC BY 3.0) modified

Chaweng Port

Chaweng Port is the area of the main Entrance of the mall, and is located at The Chaweng Beach Road Side. This area of the mall has a Large Terrace with Multiple Coffee Shops, Bars and restaurants offering Different Kinds of Foods and Drinks. Among these Restaurants and Bars you will find Starbucks, Wine Connection and the Coffee Club.


The Birdcage area is Located in the Center of The mall. It is Mainly the area where most of the Fashion Shops are Located. Among these shops you can find Uniqlo, Geox, Supersports and many more fashion Shops.

Fisherman Village

The Fisherman Village area has a Huge Department Store Having many international Brands Shops. Central Department Store has a lot of Brands Selling Clothes and accessories. In addition, there is a Kids area in there and a Seating area for the parents to be able to monitor their kids while playing.

Beach Town Market

The Beach Town Market area is considered to be the Second Main entrance of the mall. It is Located next to Phru Chaweng Public Park. The Ground floor has a Food court that is partially in the Open air area. There is also a Gaming arcade Space in this area of the mall.

Central Koh Samui
Photo by Per Meistrup (CC BY 3.0) modified


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