Chiang Mai Boutique Hotels

Chiang Mai Boutique Hotels

Chiang Mai is considered as the Capital of the northern Thailand with its charm and tranquility. Renowned for its ancient temples, vibrant markets, and beautiful green landscapes. The City is home to many hotels each has its own unique feature, location and amenities. When Choosing your accommodation in Chiang Mai, it can be a bit overwhelming due to the wide variety of options available. In this article, we will be highlighting the Best Chiang Mai Boutique Hotels that you should consider when booking your accommodation in this beautiful city.

Chiang Mai Boutique Hotels with Historic Charm

137 Pillars House

137 pillars Chiang Mai Boutique hotel

Hotel Category: 5 Star

137 Pillars House is a historic teak wood mansion that dates back to the late 19th century.
This boutique hotel was originally built for Louis Leonowens, the son of Anna Leonowens, who served as a governess to the children of King Rama IV of Siam.

This Mansion has been transformed into a luxury boutique hotel that combines historical charm with modern amenities. The hotel features spacious suites each has a unique design and features private gardens and outdoor showers.

Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel and Spa

Ping Nakara Boutique hotel and Spa

Hotel Category: 5 Star

Ping Nakara is a boutique hotel designed with colonial-style architecture, similar of the early 20th century.The hotel is located near the Ping River, also  close to the Night Bazaar, offering easy access to shopping and entertainment.

The Hotel interior is adorned with antiques and art pieces, making the property unique and sophisticated with a great ambiance throughout the hotel.

Boutique hotels in Chiang Mai with Contemporary Elegance

Akyra Manor Chiang Mai

Akyra Chiang Mai Hotel

Hotel Category: 5 Star

Akyra Manor Chiang Mai is known for its contemporary and chic design, which offers a modern and stylish ambiance. One of the best features at Akyra Manor is its rooftop bar, providing panoramic views of Chiang Mai City. This is a popular spot for guests to unwind and enjoy cocktails at the Sunset or in the evening.

Sala Lanna Chiang Mai

Sala Lanna Chiang Mai resort

Hotel Category: 4 Star

Sala is a Local Thai hospitality brand managing several properties in several destinations around Thailand. Sala Lanna, their property in Chiang Mai, is situated along the Ping River, offering a picturesque and tranquil setting for guests. The hotel features contemporary design with a focus on modern aesthetics and comfort.

The hotel provides boutique-style accommodations, including suites and villas, with stylish interiors and modern amenities. Sala Lanna is centrally located, providing convenient access to Chiang Mai’s Old City and various cultural attractions. Around the hotel, within walking distance, you can find many boutique restaurants along the Ping river where you can enjoy a delicious northern Thai lunch or dinner.

Anantara Chiang Mai Resort

Anantara Chiang Mai Boutique resort

Hotel Category: 5 Star

Anantara Chiang Mai Resort is located along the banks of the Mae Ping River, providing a scenic and peaceful setting. The resort has several room categories, some with Garden View and some others with River view.

Anantara is known for its high standard of service, providing personalized and attentive care to guests throughout their stay. This resort is a perfect choice for guests looking for a 5 star resort with a Riverview, and at the same time not too far from the city center.

The resort may also offer cultural activities or experiences that allow guests to immerse themselves in the local traditions and arts, which creates the opportunity of spending a free day relaxing in the resort while joining several activities.

Chiang Mai Boutique hotels with Cultural Authenticity

Raya Heritage

Raya Heritage resort Chiang Mai

Hotel Category: 5 Star

Raya Heritage is known for celebrating and incorporating the rich cultural heritage of Northern Thailand into its design and overall experience. The resort features architecture inspired by traditional Lanna design, with a focus on craftsmanship and local materials.

It’s one of the best boutique luxury resorts in Chiang Mai , offering spacious suites and villas, designed with a harmonious blend of modern comfort and traditional aesthetics. The resort is located along the Ping river, providing a scenic and tranquil setting. Some room categories at the Raya Heritage are offering views of the river.

Villa Mahabhirom

Villa Mahabhirom boutique hotel

Hotel Category: 5 Star

Villa Mahabhirom is inspired by traditional Lanna architecture, reflecting the cultural heritage of Northern Thailand. The resort consists of antique-filled villas, each uniquely designed and furnished with a collection of artifacts and historical pieces.

The resort has several room categories, and some of them features private pool villas for unique accommodation experience. Villa Mahabhirom has a focus on combining modern comfort with traditional aesthetics.

Ruen Come In

Ruen Come in Chiang Mai

Hotel Category: 3 Star

Ruen Come In is a boutique guesthouse in Chiang Mai, known for its charming atmosphere. The guesthouse features traditional Lanna architecture as well, providing guests with an authentic experience of Northern Thai design. This boutique property is strategically located in or near the Old City of Chiang Mai, allowing easy access to historical sites, markets, and cultural attractions.

The resort has a limited number of rooms, contributing to a more intimate and personalized guest experience.

Riverfront boutique Retreats in Chiang Mai

The Rim Resort

The rim resort in Chiang Mai

Hotel Category: 4 Star

The Rim Resort in Chiang Mai is known for seamlessly blending traditional Lanna architectural elements with modern amenities and comforts. The resort is located near Chiang Mai’s Old City and the Night Bazaar, providing easy access to cultural sites, markets, and entertainment. The rooms and common areas at the resort are likely decorated with Lanna-inspired elements, showcasing local craftsmanship and design.

Tamarind Village

Tamarind village

Hotel Category: 4 Star

Tamarind Village is renowned for its traditional Lanna architecture, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Northern Thailand. The hotel is located in the heart of Chiang Mai’s Old City, allowing the visits to historical temples, markets, and cultural attractions easy and more convenient.

The rooms at Tamarind Village are uniquely designed, blending contemporary comfort with traditional Thai decor and furnishings. The hotel provides a boutique experience with a limited number of rooms, ensuring an intimate and personalized stay for guests.

Quaint and Intimate boutique hotels in Chiang Mai

Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Resort in Chiang Mai

Na nirand romantic Boutique resort

Hotel Category: 5 Star

Na Nirand is a Romantic boutique luxury resort in Chiang Mai that typically offers intimate and luxurious accommodations.

Its spacious rooms adorned with elegant wooden furniture. The allure of indulgent relaxation awaits at the thoughtfully designed outdoor swimming pool, providing a perfect retreat. Each room at Na Nirand boasts a modern Northern Thai style, featuring amenities that blend comfort and style. Some of the rooms at Na nirand feature Riverview.

U Chiang Mai

U Chiang Mai resort

Hotel Category: 4 Star

The hotel is situated in a strategic location within Chiang Mai, offering convenient access to key attractions, shopping areas, and cultural sites. U Chiang Mai Hotel offers a range of accommodations, from standard rooms to suites, each designed with a focus on comfort and modern amenities.

The Hotel has only 41 rooms, which is a very limited number of rooms allowing the management and the staff to provide personalized experience to their guests. Guests are welcomed in the Resident’s Lounge, which is located in the restored former residence of Chiang Mai’s governor. The lounge boasts a rich heritage, complemented by modern Thai accented interior design.

Phra Singh Village

Phra Singh Village

Hotel Category: 5 Star

Phra Singh Village in Chiang Mai is a nice boutique resort located not far from the main attractions of Chiang Mai City such as Wat Phra Singh, Chedi Luang Temple, and the Three Kings Monument.

This resort integrates with its surroundings, drawing design inspiration from the influential Lanna and Lan Xang Kingdoms, established in the 13th and 14th centuries. These kingdoms significantly shaped the cultures and aesthetics of the region, making the stay experience at Phra Singh Village very unique and authentic.

De Lanna Hotel Boutique resort in Chiang Mai

De Lanna Hotel

Hotel Category: 4 Star

De Lanna Hotel is a Tranquil Oasis in the Heart of Chiang Mai located in the Inner Old Town, close to Sunday Walking Street Market and Wat Phra Sigh. This eco-friendly 4 star resort is committed to minimizing ecological impact and using environmentally conscious products.

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