Is the 7 Days Quarantine Already Applied?
Is the 7 Days Quarantine Already Applied?
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Today on the 31st of March, we have received a lot of Inquiries and requests regarding the 7 Days Quarantine. Customers have told us that it has been announced on the Thai Embassies’ websites and COE Website that 7 days Quarantine will be Applied from the First Of April. From the Other Side, We have asked multiple ASQ Hotels on whether they have any updates related to this issue or not.

The Answer from the ASQ Hotels was that don’t have the Green Light to Issue the New 7 days Packages yet, and they are still waiting this to be confirmed to start Publishing the new 7 days Packages. So till the moment, 7 Days Quarantine Packages are not Available.

It Seems That it is going to be Approved and Applied for Vaccinated Tourists but it just needs final approvals from other Authorities as well.

Thailand 7 days Quarantine announcement
Message that Appears on The COE Website

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