Koh Samui Reopening Updates
Koh Samui Reopening Updates

All the news are talking about the implementation of the New Samui Sandbox Model starting from the first of October 2021 .Many Tourists and Expats in Thailand are waiting for this Change to happen in order to plan their holidays accordingly.
Koh Samui has opened its borders for international vaccinated tourists under a Model Called Samui Plus since the 15th of July. This Model did not really do well due to many factors such as the Restrictions in the first 7 Nights Stay at a SHA Extra Plus hotel, and Because it was not very easy to reach the island From overseas with international Flights connecting with Specific Limited Flights.
Since that model has started, Only 664 Guests have Joined it (As of the 10th of September) , and the top Arrivals are from the Below Countries:

  • France: 121 Tourists
  • Germany: 100 Tourists
  • The United Kingdom: 95 Tourists
  • Netherlands: 35 Tourists
  • The United States of America: 34 Tourists

Samui Plus Model Progress

On the other hand, Another Project has been introduced in order to boost the Tourism in Koh Samui and Some other Touristic destinations in the South of Thailand. This Project is the Phuket Sandbox Extension (7+7 Model) , allowing tourists to Stay 7 Nights in Phuket and extend their Stay in another Extension destination (Koh Samui is one of them).
This Model has been in Place since the 25th of August 2021, and has generated Only 85 Tourists since it Started.

Samui Sandbox Extension

The Tourism Authorities are Now Designing and Finalizing a New Model that should boost the Tourism in the island and its Surrounding. This Model is Called Samui Sandbox, Which will be very Similar to the Phuket Sandbox Model.
As of now, under the Samui Plus Model, Guests have to Stay in a SHA Extra Plus Hotel for 7 Nights and after that, they are allowed to go to a Normal SHA PLUS Hotel for another 7 Nights. The new Model will be removing the SHA Extra Plus, and guests will be able to Stay in the SHA PLUS Property from the Day of their arrival, Same as for the Phuket Sandbox model.

On the 14 September, a Meeting will be held by Tourism Authorities and the Ministry of Public health in order to Discuss the details of the implementation for the new Samui Sandbox Model, SHA Extra Plus will not exist in the near future and Guests will be able to Stay in a SHA PLUS Hotel since Their arrival same as for the Phuket Sandbox Model. More Details will be announced in the next Couple of days.
The Expectations from this model is to Generate more Bookings for the SHA PLUS Hotels in Koh Samui.


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