Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for COE Thailand

Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for COE Thailand

One of the Required Documents that you will need when Traveling to Thailand is The COE (Certificate of Entry). This COE is Required for all Nationalities traveling to Thailand During COVID 19. We have received many Inquiries for Help regarding to COE Problems and Errors, that’s why we have decided to publish this Article to Clarify Some Important Points for Travelers in order to Avoid Problems when Appling and Save time.

Are You going to apply for The Thailand COE (Certificate of Entry)? Or you already applied and Facing Some problems ?Then You should read the Below 5 common Mistakes carefully to Avoid when Applying or throughout your COE Application Process:

1) Make Sure Your Insurance Plan is Covering Your Visa Duration Not your Stay Period!

Many People Think that they need to buy an Insurance Covering their Stay Period in Thailand. However, The Insurance have to Cover the Visa Validity Period and not Your Stay Duration.

You can Buy your insurance Policy By Clicking Here

Insurance for Thailand COE

2) This Point is For Non Immigrant/Retirement Visa Holders

When You upload Your Files at at the First Place, make sure to Upload Your re-entry Permit Photo with the Visa Photo. As if You just upload the Visa Photo, The Application will be rejected and You will have to Re Apply Again, and that will make you lose time and may Affect Your travel Plan.

Re entry Permit for Non Immigrant Visa COEThailand

3) Don’t Rush Yourself For Buying the Insurance Plan and the ASQ Booking

First Of all, in order to find availability in Your preferred ASQ Room, The earlier You book will give you a better chance to Find a Room with Your Preferences and Needs. In Addition, Some of the Hotels’ Reservations are not operating During Weekends, and If you Book you will have to wait for the Confirmation Letter on Monday.

You can Book Your ASQ Room by Clicking here

Book ASQ in Thailand for COE Thailand

4) Checking the COE Status

When You Check for your Status online for the COE, Don’t Put Your middle Name when you search, Just add Your First and Last Name, Otherwise the Result of Your Search will be “NOT FOUND”.

Check Your COE Status Thailand

5) In Case You are Applying from a Different Country than your Home Country

If You are Applying for a Different Country than Your Home Country, When Adding Your Country of Origin, Add the Country where You live not the Home Country.

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