Monkey Beach Thailand

Monkey Beach Thailand

Monkey Beach Thailand is located on the southern coast of Phi Phi Don (the largest of the Phi Phi Islands), in the Andaman Sea. It is situated just a short boat ride away from the main town of Tonsai Bay. The beach got its name due to the large number of monkeys that inhabit the surrounding jungle. These active monkeys transformed this beach to a major attraction for visitors visiting Phi Phi islands.

Monkey beach Thailand

How to reach Monkey Beach Thailand

If you are staying in Phuket or Krabi, the best way to visit Monkey beach is to join one of the tours operating to Phi Phi islands. These tours are operating daily from both destinations by different types of boats. The main boat types operating are Speed boat, Speed Catamaran, and Big boat.

The tours are usually covering several highlights in Phi Phi islands including the famous Maya bay, Phi Phi Don, and other attractions like monkey beach and Phi Leh Lagoon.

If you are staying in Phi Phi don, you can reach the Monkey beach through 2 ways. Either by Kayak, or by renting a private longtail boat. The beach is not accessible by trekking or swimming from the main island’s beaches therefore these are the 2 only possible ways.

Day tours operating from Phuket to Phi Phi island including Monkey Beach

Bamboo Island aerial Phi Phi island Tour
Join Tour
Phi Phi-Bamboo-Pileh- Maya by Speed Boat
Full Day tour to Bamboo island, Maya bay and Phi Leh Lagoon by Speed Boat.
Starting from
2,400 THB
Phi Phi island full day by catamaran
Join Tour
Phi Phi Island & Sunset Maiton Island by Speed Catamaran
Enjoy a Full Day at Phi Phi island Combined with Sunset at Maiton island with Snorkeling & BBQ
Starting from
4,000 THB
Phi Phi island by Speed boat
Join Tour
Phi Phi Islands + Khai Island by Speed Boat
Explore Phi Phi islands in a One day trip from Phuket island and visit Maya Bay, Monkey beach and Phi Leh Lagoon during your trip in addition to khai island
Starting from
1,625 THB

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Things to know about monkeys in Thailand

Thailand is home to different species of monkeys. They live in lush forests, coastal areas, and even urban spaces. Below are 8 of the main monkeys species living in Thailand:

Dusky Langur Monkey Thailand
Dusky Langur Monkey
Longtailed Macaque Thailand
Long tailed Macaque
Pig Tailed Macaque
Pig Tailed Macaque
Stump Tailed Macaque
Stump Tailed Macaque

Which type is living at Monkey beach Thailand?

The monkeys found on Monkey Beach in Phi Phi Island are typically Long-tailed Macaques. This type of monkeys is omnivore and have a varied diet. They eat fruits, leaves, flowers, insects, and even small vertebrates.Their adaptability and varied diet is one of the main reasons why they can adapt to live in different environments including forests, mangroves, beaches and even urban areas.

Monkey Thailand

The Beach itself

Other than the monkeys, the beach at monkey bay is amazing. It’s a white sandy beach with crystal clear waters. it’s great spot not only for swimming but for snorkeling too. If you are coming by Kayak from Phi Phi Don, don’t forget to bring your snorkeling kit so you dont miss watching the beautifully colored corals and fishes just few meters from the coast.

Things you must know about Monkey beach Thailand

Avoid carrying food

Monkeys display remarkable intelligence, constantly seeking opportunities to obtain food, particularly from the tourists who visit the beach. On occasion, they may approach tourists and attempt to snatch their bags in their quest for sustenance, which often includes snacks and beverages. Therefore, it is advisable not to carry food within your bags, as the monkeys have a keen sense of smell and may act aggressively to steal the food from your bag or even steal the whole bag itself.

Do not fee the monkeys

One of the most important guidelines is not to feed the monkeys. Feeding the monkeys can alter their natural behavior, lead to aggressive encounters, and negatively impact their health. It’s also against the rules in many areas to feed wildlife. You will see the signs around the place saying do not feed the monkeys, and it’s important to follow the guidelines.

Respect the Environment

It’s important to keep the place clean and respect the environment. Make sure to dispose your trash in designated bins. Avoid littering, and be conscious of the impact of your presence on the natural environment.

Observe from a distance

Observe from a distance and try not to touch the monkeys as you can not expect the reaction. they can become territorial or defensive if they feel threatened. Interacting closely with monkeys can also cause health risks as they may be carrying diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

Monkey beach Phi Phi island
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