Moving to Thailand in 2022

Moving to Thailand in 2022

With all the Political and Economic Changes happening in the World Lately and Especially the Inflation and the Significant increase in the Prices, Many people are considering to move and change their country of Residence, at Least temporarily till things come back to normal Again. 

One of the Destinations that a Lot of People consider moving to is Thailand. Thailand is one of the Most attractive Destinations for Digital Nomads and Retirees since Years. In 2021, there was around 3 Million foreigners Living In Thailand Coming from Different countries around the world. 

In this Article, we will be highlighting the Main Reasons why you should Consider moving to Thailand in 2022.

The Cost of Living

The Cost of living is one of the Top reasons that people consider when moving to Thailand in 2022. Your monthly expenses can be approximately half of what you pay When living in Other Countries Like Europe and the USA. This includes The Cost of Food, Electricity, Apartments renting, etc…

Therefore, if your Job allows you to work remotely, or if you are a Digital Nomad doing Freelance Projects and Tasks that can be done from any part of the world, or if you are retired, Then Living in Thailand will be a Perfect Choice for you.

Moving to Thailand in 2022

Multiple Visa Options for Moving to Thailand in 2022

Thailand has Many Types of Long term and Short Term Visas. Each visa type requires different type of documents, and Enables you to stay in Thailand with Different Stay Durations. 

Among these visa types, There are Thailand Retirement Visa, Business Visa, Volunteer Visa, Special Tourist Visa and Many other Types Available. You need to check the Visa type that suits you and the one that you can meet its Requirements.

We Provide Moving to Thailand Packages – Hassle Free, That Allow you to move to Thailand Easily and Confidently.

Thailand Visa Extension

Amazing Destinations

Thailand is a Beautiful country and one of the Most visited Destinations Worldwide. For Example, Koh Samui has been ranked one of the best 15 islands in the world for retirees by International Living Magazine. In addition, Phuket has been ranked as the Best Destination in the world for Digital Nomads in 2021 by ClubMed.

Other Destinations in Thailand are Popular for expats as well Such as Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai.

You will not feel a Stranger

In 2021, there was around 3 Million Foreigners Living In Thailand Coming from Different Countries around the World. If you will be working in a Multinational Company in Thailand, Most of your colleagues will be expats from different nationalities, therefore you will not feel as a Stranger or an Alien. In addition, In some Other Destinations Such as Phuket and Koh Samui, The Percentage of Expats and foreigners Living in there is very high making the chance of Dealing with foreigners same as of Dealing with Local Thai People.

Thai People

Thai People are Super Friendly. They always Smile and are Happy to welcome you. That’s why Thailand is called the Land of Smiles. In Thailand you will always feel greeted and welcomed, Which will make your environment Peaceful and Stress Free.

Thai People Greeting

Modern Country and Your Gateway to Asia

Thailand has Several Modern and Metropolitan Cities. Among these Cities We can mention Bangkok and Pattaya, in which you will find the Skyscrapers and regional Offices of Multinational Companies. In case you are Planning to Open a Business Operating in Southeast Asia, Thailand will be the right Place for you to Invest as it’s Considered to be your Gateway to Asia.

Bangkok Modern Moving to Thailand

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