New Thailand 14 Days Quarantine Rules
New Thailand 14 Days Quarantine Rules
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More details have been clarified regarding the quarantine Rules After the Last announcement regarding modifying the length of the Required Quarantine upon arrival to Thailand to 14 Days for all Nationalities, whether vaccinated or not:

COVID Tests during Quarantine

First of all, All ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine) Packages have 3 COVID tests required instead of 2 tests. These tests will be conducted on Day 1, Day 5 and Day 12. (It may differ from hotel to another, but this is the most common timeline among the ASQ Hotels).

Thailand quarantine rules COVID test

Going out of The Room is not allowed

Second of all, It became prohibited to leave the room during the Full Quarantine Period, even after testing Negative from COVID 19 test. All guests must remain in their rooms during the 14 days Quarantine, recreational areas are not allowed anymore.

Room Cleaning Service is Not Allowed

Third of all, For the Safety of the Guests and the Hotels’ Staff, Room cleaning Service will not be applied in All the Hotels Even after Testing Negative from COVID 19. However, Some hotels include Cleaning materials in the rooms so guests can clean the room by themselves.

Thailand Quarantine rules Cleaning service not allowed

Food Delivery is Allowed

Food Delivery is allowed during Quarantine, Some Hotels may have additional Charge for delivery fee, You can check that in the ASQ Packages details. All food delivered has to be checked by Hotel’s medical Staff before that it is delivered to the guest’s room.

Quarantine Length 14 or 15 Nights

The Quarantine length has been a little bit confusing for many People, as it is officially published as 14 days, but all the Packages are for 14 or15 Nights. That’s because the Authorities are not counting the day of Arrival and the day of Departure from the ASQ Hotel for being part of the quarantine Period.

Now, The day of Arrival is Counted in some cases as Day 1 and in other cases as Day 0. if your flight lands in Thailand before 18:00 PM (Local Time), this day will be counted as Day 1 and you will have to spend 14 Nights in quarantine. However, If Your flight lands after 18:00 PM, The day of arrival will be counted as day 0 and you will need to spend 15 Nights in quarantine.

14 Nights or 15 Nights quarantine


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