Phuket Sandbox and Thailand Reopening Guide
Phuket Sandbox and Thailand Reopening Guide

After today’s meeting on the 18th of June, the Phuket sandbox model has been officially approved by 3 main departments: CCSA (The Center for COVID 19 Situation administration), the CESA (The Center for Economic Situation Administration), and the Thai Cabinet.
The meeting has discussed some main points related to the implementation of the sandbox Model as well as the reopening of other Parts of Thailand in the Next days and months.

Phuket Sandbox Updated

What is the Final Plan For Reopening Other Parts of Thailand?


Phuket Will be the FIrst to Reopen on the 1st of July.

After Phuket, Koh Samui and Surat Thani will follow starting from the 15th of July under a Specific Sealed Route, (Samui Plus)


Krabi and Phang-nga will follow after that from the Begining of the Month of August including Ko Phi Phi, Ko Ngai, Ko Railay, Khao Lak and Koh Yao.


Then, Other Major Destinations will Start to Reopen from September all Around the Country including 3 Main Sealed Routings:

  1. Charming Chiang Mai (Mueang, Mae Rim, Mae Tang and Doi Tao Districts)
  2. Neo Pattaya (Pattaya City and Bang Lamung and Sattahip Districts)
  3. Buri Ram (Mueang District and the Chang Arena)


From October, Other Destinations will Open for Vaccinated Tourists without the Need of Quarantine Upon arrival including Bangkok, Cha-am, Hua Hin, and any other Destination that is ready to open and have vaccinated the minimum Percentage of Population required.

Thailand Reopening Timeline

In addition to that, it has been announced more details in today’s meeting regarding the rules and guidelines of Implementation of the Phuket Sandbox Model and Surat Thani reopening as well.

Details Are as per following:

Before Arrival

  • Only travelers coming from Low or medium Risk Countries will be allowed to enter without Quarantine under the above mentioned Models. The List of the Low risk countries to be published by the ministry of Public health and will be updated Frequently. In addition to that, Travelers have to be already Stayed in this Low or medium risk country for at least 21 Days before their Departure to Thailand.
  • The Insurance coverage requirement has to be at least 100,000 USD for Covid 19 treatment expenses.
  • The Vaccine has to be approved by the World Health organization and Token at least 14 days before the Day of Arrival. Tourists need to be able to Present their Vaccination Certificate. (Need to be fully vaccinated)
  • For children under 6 years old traveling with their vaccinated Parents, They wont need to have vaccination Certificate.
  • All Travelers must have a Result of Negative RT PCR Test conducted within 72 Hours before their Departure from the Destination of Origin.

Remark: For the People who are ready and Waiting to apply for their COE, They are recommended to apply from the Following Link:

Upon Arrival

  • Upon arrival at The Airport, Guests will have to undergo the Standards Customs and Immigration Procedures and Get Tested for COVID 19 (RT PCR TEST). The Total number of Required tests became 3 instead of 2. The result of the test will be generated 12 Hours after conducting the Test. During these 12 Hours, guests wont be able to leave the Hotel room. If the Test result is negative, then the Guest can enjoy his Stay in Phuket and Go around the Island with the New Normal and Social Distancing Guidelines. If the Test Result is Positive, The Guest will be Transferred to The Hospital.
  • Guests will be Transferred to their SHA PLUS Hotel by a SHA Plus arranged transfer from the Airport.
  • In case the Guests are going to Koh Samui, They will be transferred to an ALQ Facility (Alternative Local State Quarantine)
  • All Tourists will have to Download the Alert Application when Being at the Airport.
Tests Required Phuket Sandbox

During the stay

In Case of Staying in Phuket

  • in case traveling to Phuket only and then go back to your country of origin or any other country outside Thailand, you won’t need a minimum stay period in Phuket.
  • in case you will travel to another province after your stay in Phuket, you will need to stay 14 nights in Phuket first.

In case of Staying in Koh Samui

Guests Traveling to Koh Samui, will need to Stay in an ALQ Facility (Alternative Local Quarantine). The Sealed route will be as per below Details:

  • From the 1st till the 3rd Night, Guests wont be able to go outside of their ALQ Property, However, they will be allowed to use all the facilities.
  • From the 4th till the 7th Night, Guests will be allowed to go around in Koh Samui Island.
  • from the 8th till the 14th Night, Guests will be allowed to go around the island, in addition, they can visit Koh Phangan and Koh Tao as well

Guests will need to undergo the required PCR Tests as per the Guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health.

When Going Out, Guests must follow the DMHTTA Precautions to Prevent any Risk of Spreading the COVID 19 Virus.

Samui Plus Sealed Route

If the following happens, the Phuket sandbox model will be Cancelled:

The Thai Government has made big efforts to design the Reopening Plan to boost the Economy, and at the Same time to keep the Local Population Safe as much as Possible from a Chance of New COVID Wave. Therefore, The Government has decided that if one of the following things occur, The Phuket Sandbox Model will be Cancelled and Mandatory Quarantine upon arrival will become required again:

  1. If there are more than 90 cases detected in one Week.
  2. If the Areas of Cluster are more than 3 Districts or in 6 Sub-districts
  3. If There are Serious COVID 19 Cases and the Hospital’s Beds have more than 80% Occupancy.


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