Phuket Sandbox Guide
Phuket Sandbox Guide
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After that the Thai government has confirmed that The Country’s reopening Plan will remain the Same despite the Spike of COVID 19 cases around the country, more details have been announced about how the travelers’ journey will be like when visiting Phuket under the Sandbox Program.

Who is Eligible to travel under the Phuket Sandbox Program?

  • Vaccinated Travelers from Low and Medium Risk Countries (As per the listing of The Ministry of Public Health in Thailand).
  • Travelers will have to be Vaccinated 14 Days to 1 Year Before the date of Arrival
  • For Children under 6 Years Old and Traveling with their Parents, They will not need to Present a Vaccine Certificate upon arrival
  • For Children and teenagers aged between 6 and 18 years Old (Under 18), They will need to undergo a Rapid Antigen Test upon arrival at Phuket international Airport on their Own Expenses.
  • People traveling by Air or Sea are Eligible for Phuket Sandbox.
Phuket Island to Reopen

What Happens when You arrive to Phuket and During Your Stay?

Upon arrival at Phuket International Airport

Upon arrival at Phuket international Airport, The Immigration will check your Papers and The Validity of Your COVID 19 Vaccine Certificate. In addition to That, you will have to Download and activate the Thailand Plus Mobile Application.

You will be allowed to go to your Hotel (with SHA Plus Certificate) after finishing the immigration Process. Transfer From Phuket International Airport to the Hotel must be operated by a SHA Approved Tour/ Bus Operated. (Royal Vacation is SHA Approved).

SHA Airport Transfer

Activities and Sightseeing During the Stay

Guests are allowed to do activities and tours only with a SHA Certified tour Operator. (All tours must be inside Phuket Province). When Traveling within Phuket, Guests must behave with the standards of DMHTT( Distancing – Mask wearing – Hand Washing – Testing – Thailand Plus).

Requirements During and after the Stay

Tourists must report Daily on the Thailand Plus mobile application

The Owner of the Hotel has to report the guests names to the Immigration during their Stay at the property

Guests must stay at least 14 Nights in Phuket before traveling to any other Province around the Country. They will need to do an RT PCR test 72 hours prior to Departure. In addition, they must present it with the COVID 19 Vaccination certificate to the Checking Point at this Destination.

Tourists are allowed to stay less than 14 Nights in Phuket and Travel back to their home country or any other country. However, they are not allowed to travel to another province in Thailand before finishing 14 Nights in Phuket.

Phuket’s Target & Preparations for Sandbox

Opening Phuket under the Sandbox Project is planned based on 4Ts model. This 4Ts model is Designed to Make sure that the island is well prepared to receive International Tourists with no Risk. (Targeted Segment – Testing Protocol – Tracing Application – Treating Capacity).

Targeted Segment

The Thai Government is Expecting to receive 129,000 PAX From the Phuket Sandbox Project between July and September. That would generate around 11,492.2 Million Thai Baht.

The TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand), is Expecting more tourists from The Long Haul Markets more than the ones generated from the Neighbors Market. This Can be justified for many reasons. First of all, the vaccination rollout in the Long haul Countries is much faster than in the Neighbor Countries. Second of all, The Restrictions for entering the neighbor countries are hard and Quarantine is still required. However, in the Long Haul markets the situation is Different and more flexible.

Phuket Sandbox Project Target

Testing Protocol

To enter Phuket from July to September, The Below Testing rules will be applied:

A) International Travelers:

  • Vaccinated Adult (Over 18 Years), will need a RT PCR Test on Day 6 and Day 12 during Stay.
  • Non Vaccinated Adult (Over 18 Years), Will need to stay at ALQ Hotel for 14 days (Alternative Local Quarantine).
  • Youth aged between 6 and 18 Years, Will need to undergo a Rapid Antigen test at Phuket International Airport upon arrival on his own Expenses
  • Children Under 6 Years, Can Enter Phuket with their Parents without the need for Tests.

B) Domestic Travelers:

  • Vaccinated Adult (Over 18 Years), Can enter Phuket without the need of Doing any tests
  • Non Vaccinated Adult (Over 18 Years), will need to do a Rapid Antigen Test at the Check Point on his own Expenses
  • Youth aged between 6 and 18 Years, Will need to do a Rapid Antigen test at Phuket International Airport upon arrival on his own Expenses
  • Children Under 6 Years, Can Enter Phuket with their Parents with no need for Tests.

Tracing Application (Thailand Plus Application)

All travelers must Download and Activate the Thailand Plus Application on their Phones. This Application will keep You updated on your current Situation by Changing the QR Code Color appearing on the App. Green Means Safe, Yellow Means Low risk and Red means High Risk. The Application will be able to track whether during your journey you have been in contact with a COVID 19 Patient or not. In case you have been in Contact, then you will receive a Message on the Application to recommend you to be investigated and get tested by a surveillance Rapid Response team as Soon as Possible.

Thailand Plus Application

Treating Capacity

The Island is well Prepared for receiving Patients in case of Any COVID 19 Infections. Total of 9 Hospitals are Operating, 5 Public Hospitals and 4 Private Hospitals with Total of: 20 Beds for ICU (Intensive Care Units), 40 Beds at Cohort Ward, 300 Beds in Field Hospital, 120 Beds for Hospitels, and 500 Beds for Local Quarantines.

Risks of Infections should be Very Low by the Time of Operating the Phuket Sandbox Project for multiple reasons. First of all, All International Arrivals Will either be Vaccinated or in Quarantine. Second of All, most of Phuket Population Should be Vaccinated by that time and Herd Immunity should be already achieved.

Phuket Sandbox Treating Capacity


Phuket Sandbox Hotels

Bandara Villas Phuket

Rooms Available from

3,780 THB

Per Night

4,450 THB
Bandara Phuket Beach Resort

Rooms Available from

840 THB

Per Night

1,200 THB

Phuket Sandbox Tours

Phuket Highlights Premium Package (Sandbox)
USD 642

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