Thailand Reduces Quarantine to 7 days for Vaccinated Tourists

Thailand Reduces Quarantine to 7 days for Vaccinated Tourists

After today’s CCSA Meeting, The Government has Decided to take a Very important step towards the Country reopening by reducing the mandatory quarantine upon arrival to be 7 Days for Vaccinated tourists and 10 Days for Non Vaccinated.

(Waiting for Royal Thai Gazette Approval)

For Vaccinated Tourists:

Phuket Sandbox

This is going to be applied to the other models as well such as Phuket and Samui Sandboxes. These models were allowing Vaccinated guests to come without the need of Quarantine upon arrival, but they had to stay for at least 14 Nights in a SHA PLUS Hotel before being able to move to any other Province.
After Today’s Meeting, The minimum required Length of Stay in Phuket under the sandbox model became 7 Nights instead of 14, and only 2 PCR Tests are now Required Instead of 3.
Accordingly, The Cost of Coming to Phuket under the Sandbox Model will drop after removing the 3rd required Test and reducing the minimum required Period, Therefore, More tourists are expected to arrive to The Country in the next months.

Phuket Sandbox 7 Nights Packages

Samui Sandbox
The Original Samui Plus model will not exist anymore. Staying for the first 7 Nights at a SHA Extra Plus hotel is not required Anymore, However, Guests can Now stay for 7 Nights at a SHA PLUS Hotel, Then move to any other province or any Other Non SHA Plus accommodation after the first required 7 Nights. Same as the Phuket Sandbox, the Samui sandbox is only requiring 2 PCR tests instead of 3.

Koh Samui Sandbox

In case of Arriving Bangkok
Guests will need to Stay in Quarantine, however, the length of Quarantine has been reduced as well to 7 days for Vaccinated Tourists with only 2 Required PCR Tests, instead of 14 days with 3 required PCR Tests. In addition to that, Guests will be able to Enjoy their Hotels’ Facilities during their Stay. For Example, They will be allowed to use the Hotels’ Swimming Pools, Fitness Centers,.. But they will not be able to go outside of the hotel before finishing their Quarantine period.

ASQ in Bangkok

For Non Vaccinated Tourists:
Non Vaccinated Tourists arriving by air or by sea, will need to stay for 10 Days in a Quarantine Hotel Upon arrival instead of 14 Days, and they will need only 2 Tests instead of 3, On day 0-1 and day 8-9. In case of arriving By land, They will need to stay for 14 Days Quarantine upon arrival.

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