Thailand Situation Update Summary
Thailand Situation Update Summary

11 MARCH 2021

Thailand is one of the Best countries that have Succeed in controlling the COVID 19 Pandemic in the Last year. Therefore, After you enter Thailand and finishing Your Quarantine Period (Which Should reduced Soon – Click here for more Details), You can enjoy living in a nearly COVID Free Country. First of all, let’s take a look on the Numbers of new COVID 19 Infections in the last 2 Weeks.

New COVID 19 Infections in Thailand

Since the 20th of February 2021, The new Daily COVID 19 infections in Thailand were only 2 Digits (less than 100 new cases per day). This indicates that the Government Control has been successful since the New Outbreak Started early January in Samut Sakhon Area (Also called as the Second Wave of the Virus).

This Second wave has hardly affected the Domestic tourism. However, The Domestic tourism is Starting to come back now after that the Cases has been decreased and the Government control has been eased. In addition, The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), has started to re promote Domestic Travel again to Boost the Economy.

New COVID infections

Government COVID 19 Control Measures

As of 22nd February, The Thai Government has decided to relax COVID 19 Control measures after that the numbers of new infections has started decrease.

Only one province is under Maximum Control area which is Samut Sakhon. 8 Provinces are controlled area including: Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan, Samut Songkhram,Ratchaburi, and Tak. 14 Provinces are under high Surveillance area and 54 Provinces under Surveillance area.

You can Check more details on the TAT News Website.

Thailand COVID Government Control

Bars and Restaurants Operations

Bars and restaurants in Thailand are Operating until 11:00 PM (used to be 2:00 AM Before Pandemic), However, People are still wearing face Masks in Public areas in order to keep everyone safe. In addition, People are Still practicing Social Distancing measures when being outside. So, You can enjoy having a Drink in a Bar or a meal in a restaurant anywhere until 11:00 PM at Night.

Nightlife in Thailand
Photo by Ryan Lackey (CC BY 2.0) Modified

Tourist Areas and National Parks

Most of the Tourist areas and National Parks have reopened their Doors to tourists. On 4 March 2021, The Grand Palace (Wat Phra), Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles, Bhubing Palace in Chiang Mai and three other Tourist Locations have been Reopened.

Malls and Markets

Malls and Markets are Open, However People are wearing face masks in Public areas and Practicing Social Distancing Measures.

Icon Siam Mall Bangkok Thailand

Public Transportation

Travelling Between Provinces became much easier after that multiple Transportation means started to operate back as normal (Or New Normal).

Land Travel

The BTS Sky Train, Airport Rail Link and the MRT Subway are Operating as Normal. Trains resumes Operations with 14 Local train in Services. Transport Company Limited is Operating with New Normal Measures.

Water Travel

From the 6th of March, The Ferry boat from Two Piers to Koh Chang resumes Operations. In addition, In Surat Thani, Raja Ferry Port Operates with new Normal on the Route of Don Sak – Koh Samui.

Air Travel

After a Long time, Airlines are now allowed to Offer meals in flight and Sell Other things such as Souvenirs on Board in Domestic Flights

You can Check more details on the TAT News Website.

Thailand Interprovincial Travel


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