Thailand Tourism Highlights 4 MAY
Thailand Tourism Highlights 4 MAY
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4 MAY: Provinces’ Restrictions During Night Time

Restrictions during night time are now being imposed in 28 Provinces around Thailand. 10 Provinces in the central region, 2 in the Northern region, 7 in the Northeastern Region and 9 in the Southern Region. The Government is urging everyone to not go out at Night and saying that going out should be only for Urgent and emergency reasons. (Restriction Time is different from a Province to another, However most of the Provinces make it from 23:00 PM at Night until 04:00 AM in the morning)

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Thailand at Night

1 MAY: The TAT has reconfirmed Thailand’s Reopening Plan

The TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) Has reconfirmed that the reopening Plan will go ahead from July as Planned (Phuket Sandbox), Despite the rise of the COVID 19 cases around the country. The Vaccine Rollout is taking Place and Phuket is aiming to Vaccinate 70% of its total Population to be able to execute this reopening Plan.

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27 APRIL: Hua Hin wants to Join the Sealed Route in October

Hua Hin wants to Join the other Destinations that will open their Borders for Vaccinated tourists from October (Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phangnga, Krabi), As the destination is famous for long Stay Durations. The Proposal is to allow tourists to come to Hua hin through Bangkok, or through a Charter flight or Private Jet Directly to there. The target is to welcome 100,000 International Tourists by the end of 2021 which may generate around 1.2 Billion Thai Baht. Vaccination rollout will be one of the key players on whether this Proposal will take place or not.

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Hua Hin Beaches

27 APRIL: Koh Samet Closes from 27 APRIL until 10 MAY

Koh Samet has been ordered to close from 27th of April until the 10th of May, As per governor’s announcement, Any Guest who has reservation in the island during this period should contact the Accommodation Property to postpone or Cancel the Booking. Only island residents are allowed to enter and Exit the Island.

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Koh samet Island

1 MAY: Bangkok to Vaccinate 70% of its Population in 2021

Bangkok Metropolitan’s Target is to vaccinate 70% of its Population by the end of 2021. The governor has mentioned that 10 Million doses are to be delivered Between June and December 2021 which is around 40,000 to 50,000 Jabs Per day.

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COVID 19 Vaccine Thailand


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