Tuk tuks in Bangkok
Tuk tuks in Bangkok

Thailand is very famous with Tuk tuks, especially in Bangkok. It used to be one of the most Popular ways of Transporation before opening the BTS Skytrain and the MRT. However, it is still popular now but mainly for tourists more than for Locals living in there.

When You think about Thailand, Tuk tuk can be one of the things that come to your mind. Therefore, It is very interesting for tourists to experience this way of Transportation in Thailand.

However, You have to take care and be aware of some points before using Tuk Tuks in Thailand to avoid Scams.

Tuk tuks in Bangkok

Price of Tuk Tuks in Bangkok

Fares and meters are not existing in the Tuk tuks in Thailand. Before Getting in the Tuk tuk, the driver will ask you about Your Drop off destination and then will tell you the Price accordingly. You have to negotiate a Lot with the tuk tuk drivers as they give very High Prices especially for tourists.

If you Catch the tuk tuk from a touristic Place such as a Shopping mall or a landmark; they will give you very high Price definitely. You can Pay around 50 Thai Baht for a Short trip.

Bangkok Tuk Tuk

Things to Avoid when Taking Tuk Tuks in Bangkok

  • it is not very recommended to take the Tuk tuk for Long distance Trips.
  • Most probably the tuk tuk driver will offer you tours that they can arrange for you. In addition, they may tell you that they know very good Spots for local Shopping experiences. You have to refuse all of these suggestions as most probably they are all scams.
  • Taking the Tuk tuk during the rush hours is a very Bad idea. It is better to take it at Night when the weather is nice and Cool. If you take it during Day time and During rush Hours, you will be sweat a lot and it will not be a very Good experience.
  • Take care of your belongings and make sure you don’t leave anything in the Tuk tuk before leaving it.
Tuk tuks in Thailand


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