Chiang Mai

The Amazing North of Thailand

Chiang Mai is Located in the Northern Part of Thailand, around 700 Kilometers far from Bangkok. The City has its own Airport, Which makes it easier for Tourists in Bangkok or in other Cities around Thailand to Visit this Amazing Place. There are many things to do and to see in Chiang Mai and its Surrounding. The city has some of the Country’s best and most spiritual Temples, So in case you are interested in the Buddhist Religion, Architecture, or History, Chiang Mai will be a good Place for You.

There are also many Beautiful Natural Spots and Locations to explore in Chiang Mai and its Surrounding. There are Several Differences in the Culture of the People living in the northern Part of Thailand than the ones living in the Central and The southern Parts, Which makes Exploring the Culture of this area is also interesting.

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Weather in Chiang Mai
Best Time to Visit Chiang Mai

The Best Time to Visit Chiang Mai is between the Months of October and April. During this Time the weather is Cooler and more Pleasant than the rest of the year. In addition to that, You can also consider visiting Chiang Mai During Festivals Such as Yee Peng Festival.

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Destinations Near Chiang Mai

Explore the Destinations that You can Visit Near and Around Chiang Mai



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