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Baiyoke Sky Dinner is one of the best dining experiences that you can try and one of the most recommended things to do when visiting Bangkok. If you are looking for unique dining experience especially with your Partner during your Honeymoon in Thailand, this one will be a perfect choice for you.

There are several packages with different Menus and food included available at Baiyoke Sky. If you are looking for a more premium Experience with higher quality of food served, you can choose either the premium dinner at the Sky balcony on the 81st floor, or the Indoor Bangkok Balcony with premium Buffet.

There are other good options too but with normal, non premium Items included. Those are the crystal grill on the eighty second floor, and the Sky restaurant on the 78th floor.

By booking one of the dinner packages, you will also get access to the Observatory on the 77th floor & to the revolving view point on the 84th floor.

You can check and Book the available packages below.

Best tours for Baiyoke Sky Dinner

Dinner Package
Bangkok Sky Restaurant 78th Floor (International & Seafood Buffet)
Enjoy an exceptional Indoor dinner experience
Starting from
1,000 THB
Dinner Package
Indoor Bangkok Balcony 81st floor Baiyoke Sky
Indoor Bangkok Balcony 81st floor Baiyoke Sky with Premium Dinner Buffet
Starting from
1,400 THB
Crystal grill Baiyoke Sky
Dinner Package
Crystal Grill 82nd floor Baiyoke Sky
International specialized Premium Seafood & Steak Buffet Dinner + 1 Drink at Roof Top Bar on 83rd floor
Starting from
1,500 THB
Sky Dinner Baiyoke
Dinner Package
Premium Dinner at Baiyoke Sky Balcony 81 Floor
Exceptional Premium Dinner experience in Baiyoke Sky’s 81st floor.
Starting from
2,200 THB

Other Things to know about Baiyoke Sky Dinner

Baiyoke Sky is one of the Tallest buildings in Thailand (Used to be the Tallest for a long time before the opening of Mahanakhon). It’s 304 Meters long with 88 floors.

Yes there is a 4 stars hotel operating in this Building called Baiyoke Sky Hotel. The Hotel has several room categories, and some has amazing Panoramic View of the Capital Bangkok.

This building is Located in Ratchathewi District in Bangkok. It’s around 15 minutes walk from Ratchathewi BTS Sky train station. If you are planning to go with Public Bus, the nearest station to Baiyoke sky is Indra Square Pratunam.

Most of the Food is HALAL and suitable for Muslims. You will find a Sign next to each Item saying whether it’s Halal or Not so you can decide accordingly.

Baiyoke Sky dinner