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Embarking on a Klong tour in Bangkok is an extraordinary way to discover the city’s heart and soul, far removed from the usual clamor of urban life. These tours are more than just boat rides; they let you explore the historical essence of Bangkok’s canal network. Bangkok canals were historically known as the city’s main way of transportation, and they have seen the city’s evolution and its unique blend of urban and natural vistas. As you glide along these waterways, you’re treated to views and experiences often missed by the average tourist. Klong tours in Bangkok are suitable for visitors of all ages. They provide both an entertaining and educational experience. The most important thing is to explore these canals with Knowledgeable guides to learn about the local history and culture, offering a deeper understanding of Bangkok’s present and past. Bangkok klongs can be explored through many ways, either with luxury private boats or with a traditional longtail boat, these tours offer a rare glimpse into the daily lives of the people who reside along these historic canals.

Best tours for Klong tour Bangkok

Private Tour
The Grand Palace & Bangkok Canals Private Tour
Visit the Grand Palace and take a Private Boat to Bangkok Canals Covering the main highlights
Starting from
2,250 THB
Private Tour
Bangkok Temples & Canal Tour Full day
Explore Bangkok Temples and Its Canals in this Full day private tour
Starting from
3,965 THB
Private Tour
Cooking Class - Jim Thompson & Canal Tour
Full day tour in Bangkok including Thai Cooking Class, Visit to Jim Thompson House & Exploring Bangkok canals
Starting from
4,020 THB

The History of Bangkok’s Klongs (Canals) 

Bangkok Klongs were initially created for Defense against the invasion during The Ayutthaya Kingdom (1351 to 1767). These canals were facilitating the movement of troops and resources during this period. In addition to the movement of the troops, they also helped in managing water during seasonal floods. During this period, the region saw a significant urban and infrastructural development. 

King Rama I founded the Chakri Dynasty in 1782, and since then Bangkok became the Capital of Thailand. One of the things that King Rama 1 prioritized was the expansion of the canal system around Bangkok. Since that time, Bangkok Klongs started to help in goods and people transportation, as well as connecting the City with its surrounding areas. 

Bangkok, gained the name of the Venice of the east in the 19th century due to The extensive network of canals. This nickname highlighted the city’s blend of Eastern culture and water-based urban structure. The Klongs were central to daily life and commerce, same as the case in Venice in Italy. 

In the 20th century, many klongs have been filled due to the Urbanization and modernization. This was done to make way for roads and infrastructure development. Some of these filled-in Klongs now form major streets in Bangkok. This change reflects the shift of Bangkok from a water-based to a road-based transportation city.

The old houses located along Bangkok klongs reflect the traditional Thai architecture, with intricate wood carvings and elevated living spaces. Some of these houses have been preserved and are now tourist attractions.

Bangkok Klong tour Thailand

Tours often start at major piers like Sathorn or Tha Maharaj and travel into quieter suburban areas. During the tour you will explore a contrast of different lifestyles, and you will see a mix of old wooden houses and modern buildings along the banks. The old wooden houses reflect the original Thai style of living, while Modern buildings signify Bangkok’s rapid urbanization and economic growth. This blend showcases Bangkok’s ability to preserve tradition amidst modernity.

Most of Klong tours in Bangkok cover some of the city’s main highlights and most iconic temples in its itineraries. It depends on the tour you book, however most of the Klong tours cover the Grand Palace, Wat Arun or Wat Pho Temple. Some other tours focus more on exploring the traditional Thai houses and floating markets. This type of tours provides a better chance to explore the local way of life and history.

The length of tours can vary from a quick hour-long trip to half-day excursions. If you have a limited time in Bangkok and want to explore quickly the suburban areas, then 1 or 2 hours private longtail boat trip in Bangkok canals will be an ideal option for you. You can also combine the Klong tour with visits to other main landmarks in Bangkok on the same day to have the chance to explore the most in a one day tour in Bangkok. If you have extra time and want to explore further, half day excursions in Bangkok Klongs will be the ideal option for you since they include additional stops and more attractions to be seen.

The Duration of the tours can also be customized based on your preferences and the places you are interested in exploring. You can simply contact one of our travel consultants to customize a package for you accordingly.

Wildlife and Natural Beauty at Bangkok Klongs

During the tour in Bangkok canals, you will not only have the opportunity to explore the beautiful architecture of Old houses, traditional temples, and rural areas, you will also have the opportunity to watch some wildlife and natural beauty.

One of the commonly spotted creatures during Klong tours in Bangkok is the Water Monitors, a large lizard. You can spot these lizards in the quieter areas away from the main wide canals. In addition, the Klong ecosystem supports diverse bird species like kingfishers and herons as well as Butterfly and insect species. You can also spot some Lotus blooms in some areas during your tour adding some beauty to the overall experience while exploring Bangkok canals.

monitor lizard klong tour Bangkok

Photography Tips for Klong Tours in Bangkok

Capturing the essence of Bangkok’s Klongs on camera is a rewarding experience for any photographer. The best time for photography in Bangkok klongs is typically during early morning or late afternoon when the soft, golden sunlight enhances the natural beauty of the waterways. During these times, the light is gentle and creates amazing reflections on the water, perfect for capturing stunning images. Key shots should include the reflections of the traditional Thai architecture and modern skyscrapers. Additionally, focus on capturing the local life – scenes of vendors in floating markets, locals going about their daily routines, and children playing by the water’s edge.

Other Things to know about Klong tour Bangkok

  • It’s recommended to wear comfortable clothing to be able to board and take off the longtail boats comfortably.
  • Also consider bringing sun protection, drinking water, and a camera .
  • If you plan to buy items at floating markets, carry some cash, since most of the sellers are not accepting card payments.

The ideal time to enjoy this tour is during the dry season, between November and March from each year. During this time, the weather is dry and there are less chances of rain.

For the best time during the day, it’s recommended either early mornings or late afternoon to avoid hot weather, crowded canals, and also capture great photos during the gentle sunlight.

Yes, Klong tours are safe for all ages including children. Same as anywhere else, Ensure that they are always supervised and wearing life jackets provided in the boat.

Most of the Klong tours are not wheelchair accessible since they are operated in small longtail boats. Big boats that has wheelchair accessibility are not able to enter the small canals. However, some private speedboat can be wheelchair accessible and special tours can be arranged accordingly upon request.

Klong tours usually operate during rain or sunshine. If it rains, you will be provided with some raincoats or umbrellas to avoid getting wet.
In case of heavy rain or unsafe conditions, tours may be rescheduled or canceled with options for refunds or rebooking.

Klong tour Bangkok