How to enter thailand now

How To Enter Thailand Now during COVID 19

A Lot of People are trying to Enter Thailand at these Days. Either because they have relatives in there, Family,or Even Want to come for Tourism. The Thai Cabinet has approved the launch of the new Special Tourists Visa to Bring Tourists back again in order to boost the Economy. 

But it seems that the New Special Tourists Visa is not Applicable for all the Nationalities, and it only allows the Low Risk Countries’ Citizens to Enter Thailand. However, There are still other ways that you can go through to enter Thailand without needing the New Special Tourists Visa. In This Article we will talk about these ways.

There are Total of 7 Groups Allowed to Travel to Thailand (its was Published by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 22nd of October)

How to Enter Thailand Now

1) Retired People over 60 Years Old

Retired People aged over 60 years Old tending to Stay Long in Thailand, are Allowed to Enter the Country without the Need of having the Special Tourists Visa. whether they are Citizens of High Risk Countries or low risk Countries, Both of them are Accepted.

How to Apply

  • This Group of People Can contact their Nearest embassy and Apply through them.
retired people allowed to enter Thailand

2) Business People investing in Thailand

The Ministry of Foreign affairs allows the Entry of the Business People who are looking for opportunity to invest their Savings in Thailand. These Business People will be allowed to Stay in Thailand but they will not get a Work Permit inside the Country. They are allowed only to own A business or to be Partner in a Business in Thailand.


3) Foreign Technical Support

If you are Specialized and Expertise in a Particular Mechanical or Industrial Career, and a Thai Company or Organization requests your assistance or your Company’s assistance in Fixing or Maintaining a Specific Machine or Product; therefore, you will be able to come to Thailand.  (The Ministry of Foreign affairs did not Specify the exact Jobs and Careers that will be allowed to enter for these technical supports yet)

Technical Support Engineers

4) Innovative Technologies Skilled Workers

If a Thai Company requests the Assistance or the Cooperation From another Foreigner Company regarding an Issue related to Science or Technology; Therefore The foreigner Company can Send its Specialists to do this Job for a Specific Time in Thailand. (The Ministry of Foreign affairs has only mentioned that they must be related to Science or Innovative Technologies. They did not mention any further Details).

Skilled Scientists can come to Thailand

5) APEC Card Holders from the low risk Countries

APEC Card Holders from the low risk countries are allowed to Enter Thailand. These Countries are: Malaysia, South Korea, Japan. China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. They just have to follow the Procedures and Process mentioned in the below Photo:

APEC Card Holders Enter To Thailand

6) Tourist Visa

A Normal Type of Visa can be issued for Low Risk and High Risk Countries’ Citizens. They have to Contact the Nearest Embassy to Check the Requirements. However, What makes this Visa Different than the Special Tourists Visa is that it requires to Show 500,000 Thai Baht or equivalent in the Bank Statement during the past six months. You can Check all the requirements by Clicking Here.

Thailand Tourist Visa

7) Special Tourists Visa

Click Here to check all the Details of the New Thailand Special Tourists Visa. You can Click here to check the requirements of the STV and the Certificate of Entry – COE.

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