Moving to Thailand

Moving to Thailand is something that many people consider and think about. Thailand has always been a dream destination for many people due to many reasons. However, they may face some confusions on what are the papers required or the most suitable long Term Visa for them in order to stay in The Kingdom for a long-term without facing any Problems. In this Page we will be going through all what you need to know before moving to Thailand so you can arrange and prepare correctly in order to avoid any Obstacles or Surprises when moving to the Land of Smiles.

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Why Moving to Thailand?

The Number of People moving to Thailand is Significantly increasing every year for many reasons such as the following: 

  • The Cost of living in Thailand is very low compared to other countries in Europe, Middle East and North America. 
  • There are many Options for Choosing where to live, if you are looking for island Life, you have destinations like Phuket, Krabi, or Koh Samui, If you are looking for City Life, you can find destinations Like Bangkok, Pattaya and Rayong, and if you are looking for something Different with more Nature’s Vibes, Chiang Mai can be a good option for you.

Thailand Long Term Visas

Before moving to Thailand, you have to be clear on which visa you will be applying for in order to be able to stay for a long term inside the country. There are many Visa options available, each with different requirements and Stay duration allowed. Below are the most Common Long term visa Options that you can check and consider when moving to Thailand.

Moving to Thailand

Thailand Retirement Visa

Thailand Retirement Visa is one of the most common long term visas that expats apply for when moving to Thailand. This visa is applicable for foreigners aged over 50 years old and able to supply its required documents. The duration of the Visa is one Year, and it’s renewable. 

The Main Requirement for getting this visa is to Open a Thai Bank account in Thailand and Deposit an amount of 800,000 Thai Baht to be able to apply, or to supply a Proof stating that the applicant is having a monthly income equivalent to 65,000 Thai baht or more. This requirement is the biggest Challenge that most of the applicants struggle with when applying for Thailand retirement Visa, the rest of the documents are easy to prepare.

Thailand Elite Visa

Thailand Elite Visa is a Privilege Long Term Multiple entry visa to Thailand. It has Several Membership plans available, each with different benefits and allowed Stay duration. It starts from the Thailand Elite Easy Access Membership Plan which costs 600,000 Thai Baht. It’s a 5 Years Multiple Entry visa that provides other benefits such as VIP meet and Greet Service at the Airports in Thailand, Airport Transfers, Access to Airports Lounges on Arrival and Departure, Concierge Service and more.

There are 7 Other Plans available with Different Benefits and Stay durations allowed, Some of the plans allow its holders to stay in Thailand for up to 20 years. 

Long Term Resident Visa

Thailand LTR Visa (Also Known as Long Term Residence Visa) is a newly introduced 10 Years visa mainly targeting wealthy Pensioners, Investors, and Highly Skilled Professionals. This Visa was newly introduced in September 2022 and was aiming to target foreign Direct investments to Thailand. Documents reviewing for this visa is review by the Thai Board of Investment and not by the Ministry of foreign affairs. 

Holders of this visa get access to many benefits such as the ability to get a Work permit and Work or open a Business in Thailand, Access to the Fast Track immigration Lines upon arrivals and departures at the Airports in Thailand, and many other benefits.

Marriage Visa

For People who have a Thai Girlfriend and planning to marry her, or the Opposite (having a Thai Boyfriend and Plan to get married), then Applying for a Marriage visa can be a great option for them. This Visa validity is 1 year and it can be renewed. Holders of this Visa (Unlike the Retirement visa), are able to obtain a Work Permit to work and open Business in Thailand.

Education Visa

If you want to apply for a 1 Year visa to Thailand but you are not qualified for any of the above Visa Types, applying for Thailand education visa can be a Good option for you. You will need to enroll in a Course in Thailand with a minimum number of Hours in a registered educational Institute (School, university, …etc), to be able to get this Visa approved. The Visa can be renewed as long as you are still enrolled in the Course you applied for or as long as you apply for another course while in Thailand.

Business Visa

Business Visa is basically for Employees and entrepreneurs opening Businesses in Thailand. People who move to Thailand to obtain a Certain Job will need to apply for this Visa in order to get their work Permit. The Validity of this Visa is one Year, and most of the documents required need to be arranged by the employer. The Documents needed from the Employee are very simple and very easy to be prepared.

If you feel lost about the visa process and the required documents needed, it’s always a good idea to use a Thailand Visa Service provider to make sure you are on the right track and choosing the most suitable visa for you.

Where to Live when moving to Thailand

Choosing where to live in Thailand can be Challenging as the country has many beautiful destinations where you can settle and enjoy an amazing environment. Of course if you will be moving to Thailand for work, you will have to stick with the destination where your job is. However if you are moving for retirement, you will need to choose the best destination based on your preferences and interests.

Moving to a beach destination in Thailand

Thailand is home to more than 1400 islands, and is famous for its amazing Beautiful beaches and tropical environments. If you are looking to move to one of the Islands or the beach destinations in Thailand, below are the top 5 beach destinations that you should consider when moving to Thailand:

  1. Phuket
  2. Koh Samui
  3. Hua Hin
  4. Pattaya (Especially Jomtien)
  5. Krabi

Moving to Bangkok

If you are moving to the Capital, you need to know first which district you are planning to move to. Bangkok is a large city, and choosing the district is a very important thing that you must work out when moving. Below are the most popular areas where expats prefer to stay in Bangkok, however, it all depends on your preferences and what you want to be surrounded with in your daily life. 

  1. Sukhumvit
  2. Silom
  3. Sathorn
  4. Ari
  5. Thonglor
  6. Prom phong 
  7. Ekkamai
  8. Ratchada
Moving to Bangkok

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