Thailand Education Visa

All You need to know About Thailand Education Visa - Non Immigrant ED

What is Thailand Education visa?

Thailand Education Visa is known officially under the name of Non-Immigrant ED Visa, and is allowing its Holder to Stay in Thailand for up to 1 Year. 

Who Can Apply for a Thailand Education Visa?

Any foreigner aged Above 12 Years and is able to Provide the Required documents needed is able to apply for the Thailand Education Visa .

Requirements for applying for Thailand Education Visa:

In order to apply for the Education Visa – Non immigrant ED, You will need to be accepted in a Full Time Educational Course in a Thailand Educational Institute (School, University,…). The Thai Government Considers a Full Time Educational Course as a Total of at Least 100 Hours per 90 days Course (Equivalent to around 10 Hours Per week). This Educational Course can be an Internship, a Learning Course, or a Training Program. 

Documents needed when applying for the Non- Immigrant ED Visa:

  • Passport Valid for at Least 6 Months from the Planned date of arrival to Thailand
  • A Completed Visa application form 
  • A Completed TM87 Application form
  • 2 Personal Photos (Passport Sized – 6*4), They have to be taken within Maximum 6 Months from the Application Date.

In addition to the Above documents, The Educational institute will need to Provide you with the below documents as well, or Provide them Directly to the Consulate or Embassy that you are applying from: 

  • A Letter of acceptance to the School For the Educational Institute
  • A Description of the Course that you are enrolling at
  • Registration Documents of the School/ Educational institution
  • An Evidence of enrollment in this School (Proof of Payment for the Course/Program Tuition)


  • If the Educational Institute is Private and Not public, you will need to get an official Letter from the ministry of Education of Thailand or any of its related Departments approving your enrollment at this Educational Entity, 
  • In case you are a Student, you will need to present a Copy of Your Student ID and Academic Record.
  • If you are Applying for Thailand Education Visa for the Purpose of an internship, Attending a Seminar held in Thailand or for attending a Training Session(s), You will need to be able to Present a Recommendation Letter from the Organization that you will be enrolled to the Embassy/ the Consulate that you are applying from.
  • The Embassy/ Consulate might ask you for additional proof of finances and Studies, For example, Sometimes they ask for a Bank statement with a Minimum of 500 USD For Each 90 days that you will be staying in Thailand.

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