Thailand Elite Visa

Thailand Elite Visa

Royal Vacation Co. LTD is Officially a  GSSA (General Sales and Services Agent) for Thailand Elite Company.

What is Thailand Elite Visa?

It is a “multiple entry visa” which allows you to travel in and out as frequently as needed without having to apply for a re-entry permit. The length of stay per each entry is 1 year. In case you would not plan to leave Thailand at all, you can do the extension of stay every 1 year until you reach the end of the membership.

For How Long is The Validity of Elite Visa?

The Visa Validy depends on the Thailand Elite Package membership. It Starts from 5 Years and in Some Packages is able to be renewed for up to 20 years.

How much Does The Elite Visa Costs?

Thailand Elite Visa has a wide Variety of Packages Starting from 600,000 Thai Baht and up to 2,000,000 Thai Baht (Around 66,000 USD). It is not just a Normal Visa, When you purchase the Thailand Elite Visa, You recieve Other Benefits as Well. You can Check the below Table that Shows the Difference between Each Package (Total of 8 Packages).

Thailand Elite Visa

Required Documents for Thailand Elite Visa:

  1. Copy 1st page of passport (Jpeg file preferred)
  2. Copy of Current Entry Stamp and/or Extension Stamp in Passport
  3. Completed application form (6-8 pages) *properly scanned copy, with handwritten signature* Request Application
  4. One passport size photograph (Jpeg file preferred)
  5. ** Photograph must have a light color background with a full- face view of the person without wearing a hat or dark glasses.
  6. Those who apply for a family program must provide a proof of relationship in English eg. Marriage Certificate or Birth Certificate.

Application Process (How Long it Takes)?

The entire process takes approximately 1-3 months

  • Once your application has been received by us, a copy of the identification page in your passport will be sent
    for the immigration approval. This is to check if you are not on the blacklist or anything that makes you
    ineligible to obtain the visa. This process takes approximately 1-2 months. Once approved, you will receive an
    approval letter via email including banking details for payment.
  • After you have received the approval letter email from Our Side, You will be required to proceed with the Payment.
  • Once the payment has been made, please provide a proof of payment(receipt, transaction details, etc.). We will confirm the payment according to the payment proof.
  • Our  Visa Department will finalize your application within 1-2 weeks after the payment is received and confirmed by financial department, and then you will receive Welcome Letter via email including important information
  • Your membership will begin immediately once the Welcome Letter email has been received.
  • You may book an appointment with Customer Contact Center (CCC) to affix your Elite Visa stamp.
Thailand Elite Visa Application Process

General information and requirements

  • Elite Visa is categorized as a Tourist Visa, which does not allow the holder to legally apply for a work permit to work in Thailand.
  • Any applicant who has more than one overstay record will not be eligible to apply for the Elite Visa, despite having received the Approval Letter in the initial stage of the application procedure. Members who have more than one overstay of any type will be rejected at the immigration office when affixing the Elite Visa stamp.
  • You should have at least 3 blank passport pages to affix the Elite Visa.
  • Terms of the visa shall be granted in accordance with the validity of the membership.
  • Elite Visa validity length will be subject to the membership validity.