Thailand STV Allowed COUNTRIES

Thailand STV Allowed Countries to Apply:

Till now, it was not published by any Official Source an Exact list of The Thailand STV allowed Countries. However, we have Succeed to Confirm that the below Nationalities are allowed to get it and Enter the Country with the New Thailand STV Visa:

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • China (Including Hong Kong and Taiwan)
Thailand STV VIsa Countries Allowed

What About the Other Countries?

There are still discussions between the Thai Cabinet and Other Thai Health Authorities to finalize the List of the Allowed and Not Allowed Nationalities to visit Thailand. As mentioned in the Paragraph above, there is no final Confirmation yet about The countries not allowed to enter with the STV Visa.

How to enter Thailand without STV Visa?

If you belong to countries outside of this List and you are still considering travelling to Thailand this Fall or this winter there is Still another way to come in.

These are 3 other Different Groups of People allowed to Enter Thailand at this day without the STV Visa:

1) APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Card Holders from the low risk countries:

The APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Business Travel Cardholders are allowed to enter Thailand without the Need of applying for the Special Tourists Visa. These Countries are: Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. You can find the Details in the below photo Showing the Procedures that should be taken by The APEC Card Holders to enter Thailand:

APEC Card Holders Enter To Thailand

2) Business People Holding non Immigrant types of Visas

Business people who are Holding non Immigrant Business Visa without having work permit and want to visit Thailand for Business Purposes Can be Entered Thailand with Specific Terms and Conditions. However, They must have a Bank Statement for the Past Six months with the amount of 500,000 THB or Equivalent. (Around 16,100 USD). Most of those people will be from the Asian Countries.

3) Foreigners with a Bank Statement Higher Than 500,000 THB or Equivalent

Foreigners Who are willing to stay for 60 Days in Thailand can extend the stay duration for 30 days extra by Showing six months bank statement equivalent to at least 500,000 THB or equivalent (Around 16,100 USD). However, The Ministry of Foreign affairs is the one who will consider these Groups.

In Addition, There are Other Groups of People allowed to Enter Thailand but we don’t really consider them as foreigner Tourists. Among them are the Cabin Crew and the Pilots of Thai Airways on Repatriation flights to Thailand and the Foreign Athletes Participating in the princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Cup Tour of Thailand 2020.

Additional Remarks

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