Thailand STV Visa Updates

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Updated 10 OCT

Till now, it was not published by any Official Source an Exact list of The Thailand STV allowed Countries. However, we have Succeed to Confirm that the below Nationalities are allowed to get it and Enter the Country with the New Thailand STV Visa:

How to Enter Thailand Now

How to Enter To Thailand Now

Updated 26 OCT

it seems that the New Special Tourists Visa is not Applicable for all the Nationalities, and it only allows the Low Risk Countries’ Citizens to Enter Thailand. However, There are still other ways that you can go through to enter Thailand without needing the New Special Tourists Visa. In This Article we will talk about these ways

COE and STV requirements

Required Documents for Special Tourist Visa

Updated 26 OCT

Copy of the Passport data Page (one Copy) , Declaration Form (One Copy) , Proof of reservation of Designated Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) hotel Accommodation, Health insurance Policy Covering medical expenses in Thailand, Including a minimum coverage of USD 100,000 for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) treatment, Proof of a reservation of a fully paid air Ticket

No Need for 500,000 THB bank Statement anymore

Bank Statement for STV Visa

Updated 09 NOV

It was Published on the 09th of November that the Applicants applying for the New Thailand Special Tourist Visa don’t need to Show Bank Statement with at least 500,000 THB anymore. However, The 500,000 THB is Still Required for the Normal Tourist Visa (TR)

Thai Airways Semi Commercial Flights November -december Schedule

Semi Commercial Flights to Thailand

Updated 12 NOV

Thai Airways has announced a week ago that it will be Operating Semi Commercial Flights to Seven Destinations Around the World within the Months of November and December.

56 Countries Can Travel to Thailand without a Visa


Updated 21 DEC

It was published by the Royal Thai Embassy in Berlin on the 17th of December 2020, that there is a list of countries from different Parts of the World can enter Thailand now without the Need of a Tourist Visa.