THailand STV Visa

All You need to know About Thailand STV Visa

What is Thailand STV Visa?

Thailand STV Visa is a New Long Term Visa allowing its Holder to Stay in Thailand for 90 Days, and Can extend his/her Stay in Thailand Twice for 90 days Each. (Total Possible Stay Duration is 270 days = 9 Months in Thailand)

Who Can Apply for This Visa?

People from all around The world, Traveling from any country are Eligible to Apply for Thailand Special Tourist Visa (STV) if they are meeting all the requirements needed.

Thailand STV Visa Details

What Are the Documents Required for STV VIsa?

  • Bank Statement: a Bank Statement of The Transaction for the Past 6 Months having at Least 5,000 USD in the Bank Account.
  • Accommodation Fully prepaid in advance for at Least 90 days in Thailand (Receipt of Payment is required with the Tax ID)
  • You need to Send a Clear Photo while Holding the Passport next to the Face (The Photo has to be able to Read the Details written in the Passport with the Person).
  • Criminal Record is Required for people applying from the USA Only (FBI Criminal Record)
  • Health and COVID Insurance Covering at Least 100,000 USD (Not 50,000 USD as for Applying For other Types of Visas) The Insurance coverage has to be at least for 90 days.
  • Medical Certificate Proving that you are clear from: Tuberculosis, Yellow Fever, … (For People applying from the USA In Specific, and Some other Countries may ask for Similar As well)
  • Your Health Insurance must Cover 400,000 IPD 40,000 OPD, … and a Form from the Ministry of foreign affairs must be filled up with the Insurance Details (Foreign insurance certificate)
  • Passport Valid for at Least 6 Months
  • Flight Itinerary of Your Trip

Be aware that Embassies are Entitled to require Additional Documents in case needed.

People applying from Most of the Countries will be able to apply through EVISA (Online), So you don’t need to go to the embassy for Applying. However, Some countries Still need to Go and Present the Documents Physically at the Embassy at the Designated Embassy.

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