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All You need to know About Thailand STV Visa

What is Thailand STV Visa?

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has Decided to Partially Reopen the Country in order to improve the Economic Situation but under Specific Regulations. The Thai Cabinet has Approved the Project under the Name of Thailand STV Visa (Special Tourist Visa).

The Visa Validity is 90 days from the day of the Country Entrance. It is Possible to renew it twice, Total of 270 days stay inside the country. The Tourists will be required to stay at least 30 days in Thailand including 14 days quarantine in ALSQ. (Alternative Local State Quarantine).

The Government has expected the Arrival of 1,200 Tourists monthly (300 Tourists Per Week); and expecting that this visa Scheme will be running until the 30th of September 2021.

Thailand STV Visa Details

Special Toursit Visa (STV) Application's Procedure

1 – The Applicant must Send an Email to ( in order to request the STV visa. The below documents and information should be attached/included in the email:

  • The Applicant’s Passport Photo
  • His/her Current Residence and Location (City and Country Name)
  • The Nearest Thai Embassy or Thai Consulate to the Applicant 

2 – After receiving the Documents from the Applicant, we will deliver them to the Thai Immigration Bureau in order to check the applicant’s Criminal record.

3 – Then, the documents will approved by the Thai Immigration Bureau. After that, The applicant has to send us the Application fees and then we will forward to him the STV Application form. Then, we will be offering the applicants the below information and packages:

  • All The Accommodation Options and their Prices for the Quarantine (ALSQ).
  • The Itinerary or the Accommodation after the 15 days of Quarantine.
  • Travel and Medical insurance of 100,000 USD covering the Costs of COVID 19 Treatment. In addition to 400,000 Thai Baht Coverage for accidents.
After that the Applicant will pay for all the above required documents.
4 – Then, the application form and all the related documents will be submitted from our side to the Department of Consular Affairs to apply for the Special Tourists visa and the Certificate of Entry.
5 – After that the department of Consular affairs approves the documents, we will inform the applicant to get his STV visa and the certificate of entry from the stated Royal Thai Embassy or consulate. However, The Applicant is required to Show a fit to fly certificate to the embassy. This certificate must say that the Applicant is COVID 19 Negative and it must be issued within 72 hours before the Flight departure.
Thailand STV visa Application

After Arriving Thailand

After arriving Thailand, every Tourist must follow the regulations and the safety measures settled by the Thai Ministry of Public health. The Tourists will be scanned Upon arrival. If they are tested positive at the airport, they will be transferred immediately to the approved Hospital. 

If the Tourists are tested negative, they will be transferred from the Airport to the Booked and paid ASQ. they stay there for 15 days. In Case the Tourist is tested negative after these 15 days, The tourist will be allowed to continue the journey freely in the Amazing Thailand..


What to Expect in the ASQ?

During the 15 days Quarantine at the ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine) in Thailand, there are Several Stages. Firstly, You will be picked up from The Airport by the Booked Hotel’s Car to be transferred to the Hotel Directly (Included in the ASQ Packages). 

Secondly, From Day 1 to Day 4, You Can enjoy the Room Facilities while Staying Quarantined. 

Thirdly, On Day 4, The Partnered Hospital with your Hotel will Test you for COVID-19; If the Tests are negative then you will continue the Quarantine Program, If the Tests are positive, You will be transferred immediately to the Hospital.

Then, You will start to have limited Access to some of the Hotel’s Facilities such as: Gymnasium, walking in the Outdoor Area, Sitting in the indoor area, etc. These Facilities vary from Hotel to another, You can check our ASQ Packages for more Details. The Average approved time per Day to enjoy these facilities is Around 1 Hour Per day (Also Depends on each Hotel).

After That, on Day 12, You will be tested again for Covid-19 by the Partnered Hospital. If the Tests are positive, you will be transferred immediately to the Hospital but if the tests are negative you will continue the Quarantine program.

On Day 13, After the 2nd COVID-19 Test, You will have more access to some more Hotels Facilities (Also depends on Each Hotel Program).

On Day 16, You can Leave the Hotel and Enjoy your post quarantine stay in the Amazing Thailand.

The Below Infographic Explains the ASQ Journey in details. If you have additional Questions, You can Contact us by sending email on

ASQ in Thailand Details What to Expect
Online Shopping during quarantine
ASQ in Thailand

Visa Application Service fees

  • 10,000 Thai Baht+ 7% Vat per visa.
  •  2,000 Thai Baht to be paid at the Thai Embassy by the Applicant.
Thailand STV visa cost

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