Phuket Sandbox
Travel to Phuket without the Need of Quarantine if You are Fully Vaccinated and Traveling from a Low Risk Country
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Book Your ASQ in Thailand
Best Deals for ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine Packages in Thailand) - in Bangkok - Pattaya - and Phuket. Starting from 31,000 THB
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Samui Plus
Travel to Koh Samui and Extend your Stay on the Second week in Koh Tao or Koh Phangan
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Flexible Transfers

Flexible Bookings

We can amend/ Change the Check in Date for You In case you have any trouble with the Flight, Visa..

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24/7 Support

Our 24/7 Customer Support will Help you in case you face any Problems or Need urgent Amendment/Cancellation

Compettitive Prices

Competitive Prices

Our Prices For all Products are Competitive and we make Sure that they Stay Competitive

Applicable Types of Visa

To Travel To Thailand During COVID 19 You will need a Visa (Except if you are National of the Visa Exemption Countries)

Visa Type
Duration of Stay
Total Possible Stay
STV (Special Tourist Visa)
90 Days
Twice (90 Days Each)
270 Days
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TR VISA (Tourist Visa)
60 Days
Once (30 Days)
90 Days
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Visa Exemption
30 Days
Once (30 Days)
60 Days
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Retirement Visa
One Year
Once (One Year)
Two Years
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Elite Visa
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This Model was for Traveling during COVID 19 and is no Longer applicable as Thailand is in the Endemic Stage already and Reopened for Tourism. 
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