Travel to Thailand during COVID

Traveling to Thailand During the COVID 19 Pandemic was very challenging as there were many travel restrictions and requirements that made the traveling to Thailand complicated and hard. There were many models that have been introduced by the Thai government and the Ministry of Public health during the COVID 19 pandemic to facilitate the arrival of International Tourists to the kingdom while preventing the spread of the Virus inside the Kingdom. 

The First model that has been introduced was called the ASQ Model (Alternative State Quarantine). This model was available from June 2020 until June 2021. All arrivals were required to stay in Quarantine for 14 days and undergo 3 required PCR Tests during their stay at the Quarantine. There was many hotels around Thailand Especially in Bangkok and Pattaya offering ASQ packages. 

Then, By July 2021, the Thai government has introduced a new model with less restrictions for fully vaccinated Guests. This Model was Called the Phuket Sandbox Model. It took place from July 2021 until November 2021. All arrivals were required to stay in an approved SHA PLUS Hotel where at least 70% of the staff are vaccinated, and undergo 3 PCR tests during their stay. However, the difference between the Phuket Sandbox and the ASQ was that during Phuket Sandbox, guests were allowed to leave their Hotels and roam the island freely without restrictions.

Then the Thai Government decided to introduce a Third model with less restrictions and less requirements called the Test and Go Package (Or the Thailand 1 Day Quarantine package). By that time, the number of international Arrivals from tourists and expats stranded overseas has significantly increase as the guests arriving were only required to do 1 day Quarantine with only 1 required PCR COVID test.

Tourism in Thailand Post COVID

Applying for COE and Thailand Pass

Before being able to board the plane to travel to Thailand during one of these models, All travelers were required to submit the documents of the confirmations for quarantine Hotel and the insurance policy in an online government platform. This Platform was originally called the COE (Certificate of Entry), and then the government has introduced a New Platform called Thailand Pass.