Bangkok 1 Day Quarantine

During COVID 19 Pandemic and during the last era of Travel restrictions in Thailand before opening the Borders for International Arrivals, The Thai Government introduced the Test and Go Model (Also known as the 1 Day Quarantine). This Model was applied in the Major touristic Destinations including Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. 

Hotels were required to get the SHA Plus certificate from the Thai Government in order to be able to receive guests for Quarantine purposes. One of the requirements existed in order to get this certificate is that at least 70% of the Hotel Staff had to be fully vaccinated with 2 doses of Vaccine. 

The Guests arriving to Thailand were required to spend 1 night in one of these SHA PLUS Hotel and undergo 1 Required PCR COVID test upon arrival. In addition to these requirements, Guests were also required to have an insurance from a Thai company covering at least 10,000 USD of COVID 19 treatment Expenses in Thailand. All the above requirements Plus the Vaccine proof were supposed to be uploaded to an online government platform called Thailand Pass and the documents get reviewed by the government. Once the documents are reviewed and confirmed that they are correct, The applicant receives an official email with his Thailand pass and therefore he becomes Eligible to fly to Thailand. Without the Thailand Pass, Airplanes were not allowing passengers to board and fly to the Kingdom otherwise they would be sanctioned.

Bangkok 1 Day Quarantine Packages

How Long the 1 Day Quarantine Model Lasted?

The 1 Day Quarantine model in Thailand lasted from November 2021 until June 2022 till the fully reopening of the country. After that, it became only required for arrivals to show Thailand Pass and the required insurance certificate in order to be able to enter to the kingdom until July 2022. After July 2022, all requirements were released and everyone became able to travel to Thailand without any requirements or documents needed except visa if it is required.