5 Best Beaches in Koh Samet

5 Best Beaches in Koh Samet

5 Best Beaches in Koh Samet

Koh Samet is one of the most beautiful islands that are not far from Bangkok or Pattaya. In this article, we will be showing the Best Beaches in Koh Samet. The Island has many beautiful Beaches and Bays with different Ambiance and Vibes in each Beach. You can choose the beach where you want to stay based on the Holiday Style you are looking for. You will find the Perfect place for a Quiet and Relaxed Holiday away from the crowds in a Hideaway beach. In addition, you can also stay in the Main Area where there are Activities and many other tourists. 

Beaches in Koh Samet

Below are the most beautiful and Famous Beaches that you Can Consider staying at when visiting the beautiful koh Samet Island: 

1 – AO Prao Beach

Ao Prao is one of the best Beaches located in Koh Samet Island. The beach is Totally Private and has only a Limited Number of accommodation options (only around 4 Hotels are available in this Beach). The price range of accommodation in this beach is considered to be high when compared to other beaches and accommodation options in Koh Samet. Ao prao is considered to be as one of the most luxurious areas to stay at in Koh Samet Island. The beach is Located in the North Western part of the Island, and it’s a Perfect Choice for a Quiet and Luxury Beach Holiday away from the crowds. 

Ao prao Beach in Koh Samet

Ao prao Beach

Ao prao Beach Koh Samet Thailand

2 – Sai Kaew Beach

Sai Kaew Beach is considered to be the most popular and the Longest Beach on Koh Samet Island. The Beach is Located in the North eastern Part of the island. Sai Kaew is the liveliest place on the island during morning and Night. At Night, Restaurants and beach Bars set up their Seats and Sofas along the beach with candle lights and nice decoration making the dining environment in this Part of the island a Good and Different Experience. During the Day, the beach is lively as there are Several Hotels located behind the beach in addition, many boat Trips and Watersports activities can be done from this beach. 

If You are looking for a Lively holiday or a place near the Nightlife and Day activities, then Sai kaew can be a good choice for you. 

Sai Kaew Beach

Sai Kaew at Night

3 – AO WAI Beach

Ao Wai is located in the Central Eastern Part of the Island. This Area is Not offering a lot of accommodation Options, However you can visit it while you are staying in other beaches in the island by renting a Motorbike or Catching one of the operating Songtaew (Public Taxi). The water at this bay is crystal clear and  calm with white sandy beach. The Beach is more quiet compared to the ones located in the northern Part of the island. You can enjoy your day by renting a Kayak from Samet Ville Resort located in this beach.

4 – Wong Duean Beach

At Wong Duean Beach, You will find a lot of accommodation options for mid and Budget Range prices. This Bay has a good number of 3 Star Hotels and Guest Houses available, in addition to a Big Variety of Restaurants where you can Dine along the beach. Most of the hotels in this beach are renting Kayaks, and you will also find Motorbike Rentals available in this area as well so you can move freely and easily around the Island. There are also Some Grocery Stores operating in this Part of the Island. 

The Beach is not very busy and Not very quiet, so it’s good and recommended for people looking for a lively yet not to busy place for spending a Holiday.

5 – AO Thian Beach

Ao Thian is located south of Wong Duean Beach. This beach is quieter beach when compared to other beaches such as Wong Duean Beach and Sai Kaew beach. This Beach has some Nice and amazing lounges located along the beach. These lounges and restaurants offer different Types of Food Options such as Sea Food, Thai, and western Food Options. This Beach has a Limited number of accommodation Options (Around 3 or 4 Hotels/Guest Houses available) 

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