5 Things You Should know Before Planning your Phuket Sandbox
5 Things You Should know Before Planning your Phuket Sandbox

COE/ Flight Booking Details:
In case of visiting Thailand under a Short term visa, (Tourist Visa or Visa Exemption Scheme), Make Sure that you have a Booked return Flight within the Visa Validity Duration.

  • Visa Validity Duration for Tourist Visa: 60 Days (After arriving Thailand you can change your Ticket in case you are planning to Extend your Stay for an additional 30 Days).
  • Visa Validity Duration for Visa Exemption: 30 Days (After Arriving Thailand, you can change your ticket in case you are going to Extend your Stay, for additional 30 Days)

In case of Arriving Thailand with a Long Term Visa (Non Immigrant B, Retirement Visa, Marriage Visa,.. Etc),
the insurance becomes the tricky part.
If you are coming with one way Ticket, The Insurance will have to cover you during the Whole Visa Validity Period. (Only few Embassies can Accept 90 Days in That case, but most of them require an Eligible insurance covering the whole Visa Validity duration).

The Above mentioned Points regarding the Insurance and the Flight, are the most common mistakes that people do while applying for their COEs.

Travel to Thailand COE

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can My Flight be arriving to Phuket and Departing from Bangkok?
Yes that’s Possible no Problem, As long as the Departure date is within the Visa Validity Period, Then no Problem will be faced when applying for the COE.

Can My Flight be Departing to Another Country (Different than the Country of Origin)?
Yes, As long as you have an outbound flight booked going out of Thailand, then it’s Ok.

Flights Phuket Sandbox

Can my Fully Vaccinated Thai Girlfriend/ Boyfriend Join Me In the Hotel Room?
Yes can if they are already in Phuket, but it has to be pre-arranged with the Hotel before arrival. She/he Can Join after the Negative Result of your First PCR Test conducted at the airport upon arrival. (Some Hotels are very Strict and will not allow her/him to join in case of Informing them During The Stay. it has to be pre arranged)

Can My Friend/ Partner Join me in the Same Hotel room Even if Flying from Another Country?
Yes that’s Possible to pre arrange with Different SHABAs as per COE Requirements.

Joining Same Room Phuket sandbox

Additional Information that you must Know In case of Traveling from Los Angeles (LA).
Now the Thai embassy in Los Angeles is requesting a Bank Statement when Submitting the Documents for the COE, so you can be prepared by arranging it before applying to not losing time.

You can Book Our Phuket Sandbox All in one Packages and travel with No Hassle, and we can prearrange everything for you. or you can use our COE Service .
All you will need to send us is:

  • Passport Copy
  • Flight itinerary
  • Vaccine Proof

And we will handle all the rest for you.
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