Best Apps for Traveling to Thailand 2022

Best Apps for Traveling to Thailand 2022

In this article, we will be showing the most useful and best apps for traveling to Thailand in 2022. 

Technology usage became a must in our daily life routine, it facilitates many things in life and more apps have been introduced by companies and governments in the last year during the pandemic to help with the adjusted new Normals in life. 

Best Apps for Traveling to Thailand

Morchana App 

Morchana is a Free Application introduced by the Thai government. The purpose of the application is to track international arrivals for controlling the chances of spread of the COVID 19 Pandemic. 

Every person coming to Thailand has to download this app  in order to submit the result of his self made Rapid antigen test conducted on day 6 or 7. The Application has also the feature to let you know whether you have been in contact or Close to a High Risk person or not in terms of COVID 19 Infection.

Morchana Best Apps for Thailand

I lert u 

This newly introduced app is allowing tourists to quickly request police assistance and access emergency response. This application is using the GPS feature to locate the tourists positions and will be operating in conjunction with the 1155 call center. The call centers are available in several languages to allow tourists to easily report any emergency in their native languages. These languages are: English, Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese was not specified), Russian, Japanese, and Korean. There are other languages in plan to be added to the call center service as well Such as Arabic, German, and French. 

This Application allows users to take photos of any incident as well in order to facilitate reporting the problems and or requesting help. 


Are you using Uber or any other Taxi application in Your Country? Grab like uber in Thailand which you can Use to Move from a Place to another by requesting the Car through The mobile application and you can Check the Driver Rating and reviews as well. If you don’t like Negotiations with Taxi and Tuk tuk drivers and If you are not willing to use Public Transportation while you are in Thailand, Then Grab is the Right Solution for you. 

Grab Application


Line is the number one Texting and VOIP (Voice Over IP) used Application in Thailand and several Other Countries in SouthEast Asia. The Usage of Line in Thailand is necessary for Both texting and calling. When meeting a New Friend or when you need to get the Contact of Someone for any reason, The most common way is by getting his/her Line ID. Line App is one of the most useful applications that you must download before traveling to Thailand. In Thailand Line is more common than other texting Apps such as whatsapp or Skype.


Are you an eating out person and will be searching for the best dining options while you are in Thailand? If yes then you must download the Wongnai App. Wongnai is a Mobile application that you can use for searching for the nearby restaurants with all the restaurant detailed information such as Menu, Customer Reviews, Location and other information as well. It covers more than 250,000 Restaurants all around Thailand. The application has expanded its coverage to more Facilities such as Spas and Beauty centers as well. In case you want to Contribute and Share your Dining or Your Spa Experience you can Do that through the Application to help other Travelers to Choose the Best Dining Option in the Future.

Wongnai Mobile App

Food Panda

This Application is the First to offer Food Delivery Services in Thailand. By downloading and Using the application, You will be able to search for the nearby restaurants, or Search by Cuisine of Food Category that you are craving to eat. The Delivery Service fee of Food Panda is around 40 Thai baht. You will find also Special Offers and Promotions from Several Restaurants that are only exclusive when purchasing from FoodPanda application. 

The Application accepts both Credit card Payment and Cash upon delivery option. 

Food Panda


In case you prefer to use Public Transportation rather than Taxis or Grab, then this Application will be useful for you. This Application allows you to Track and Locate the Public buses in Bangkok, Not only the Buses, it also allows you to track the Locations of BTS, MRT and River Boats as well. In addition to that, the application will provide you with the expected time of arrival and the expected waiting time for the way of transportation you are waiting for. 

Amazing Thailand 

This application is Provided and developed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand “TAT”. It contains all the information that you need about the Sightseeing in each province around the kingdom as well as the Events and festivals that are taking place and recommendations for food and Shopping.

Amazing Thailand App

These were the Best Apps for Traveling to Thailand in case you are visiting the Kingdom in 2022. There are other Apps that my be useful too, however the ones mentioned above are the Top ones that must be downloaded.

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