Khaosan Road

Khaosan Road

Khaosan Road is one of the most famous streets in Thailand. It is Located in Central Bangkok at Phra Nakhon District. It is very Close to The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew, Only 1 Kilometer away. This Road is very Famous for backpackers as it offers a wide variety of Cheap accommodation Options (Hostels and Cheap Hotels).

Khaosan is always lively and Busy, especially at Night. It receives around 40,000 Visitors per day in the High Season and 20,000 Visitors per day in the low season. This Road is a Good place to experience the Local Life. You Can do several things at this Road such as Shopping, Eating, and Spending an Evening at a Night Club or a Bar.

Khaosan Road Bangkok
Photo by Guillén Pérez (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified

Shopping at Khaosan

Shopping in there has a lot of Variety. You can Buy Souvenirs and Handicrafts, Clothing and Accessories, Bags. All are Thai Brands and Local Thai manufacturers presenting their Products. Prices are Negotiable in most of the Shops, So you have to bargain to get the best Possible deal.

You will find a lot of Tattoo and Piercing Shops in there as well. Khao San Road is more for Nightlife and Going out street. If You are looking for a place to Shop local Products with a Huge variety, then you should Consider Visiting JJ Market (Charuchak).

Shopping at Khaosan Road
Photo by Justin Vidamo (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified

Nightlife at Khaosan Road

Khao San Road is mainly famous with its crazy Liveliness at Night. Bars and Night clubs are located almost everywhere in the Street. Most probably you will find the Place Performing your favorite Music Genre. Bars and Clubs in there have a wide variety of Music Played Such as Jazz, Blues, Rock, Techno and House music.

The Music is Loud on the street, So while walking you will hear your Favorite Music type and then go and Stay in the Bar playing it. Among these Bars, here are some of the most famous ones: The Club, Adhere The 13th Blue Bar, Brick Bar, Superflow City Beach Club and Bombay Blues.

Nightlife at Khaosan Road
Photo by Steve Upton (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified

Eating at Khao san Road

Eating in this Road is very convenient. You will find International Fast Food chains Open in there such as KFC, Burger King and McDonald’s. You will also find Different Food Shops and restaurants offering different kinds of Cuisines from all over the world. Among these Cuisines you will find: Indian, Thai, Asian, European and western, Arabic and Halal food shops and Iranian as well.

In Addition to that, You will find Food Cart everywhere at Khao San Road offering things like grilled Calamaries and Grilled Scorpions. 7 Eleven Shops are available everywhere at Khao San Road. Don’t Expect to find a fine Dining restaurant in there as most of the restaurants are targeting mainly Youth, Backpackers, and explorers.

Eating at Khaosan Road
Photo by Mr.Peerapong Prasutr (CC BY-SA 4.0 ) modified

Khao San Road is not a very Convenient Place for Children, it is very crowded and full of Bars, Loud Music everywhere. If you are travelling as a family so Khao San is not a good recommendation to visit. However You can still visit it but in the morning before that it becomes overcrowded.

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