Mae Kampong Village

Mae Kampong Village

Mae Kampong is located amidst the lush mountains of northern Thailand, and it stands as a hidden gem where tourists can explore sustainable living and authentic cultural experiences in an untouched authentic Northern Thai village. It’s a Small village with less than 200 houses including lodges and guest houses. In this article we will guide you on how to reach, what to do, where to stay & What to eat in this amazing village.

Mae Kampong

Where is Mae Kampong located

Mae Kampong is situated approximately 50 kilometers (31 miles) east of Chiang Mai city (Around 1 and half hours drive). The best way to visit and explore Mae Kampong is with a private vehicle and guide.

History of Mae Kampong Village

Mae Kampong village has existed for almost One Century (100 years). This part of land is a great place for growing tea, therefore it attracted some of the local residents of Doi Saket area (Especially the ones working in the farming) to move from their original Villages to Mae Kampong to start growing tea. 

Mae Kampong has a long-standing tradition of close-knit community living. Families in the village have maintained strong social bonds, supporting one another in various aspects of life.

Until recent decades, the only source of income and economic activity at this village was the agriculture and growing tea. However, as the village kept the authentic design and style, it attracted a big number of tourists every year and has evolved from an agricultural community into a hub for sustainable and eco-friendly tourism. This transformation was driven by a desire to preserve the natural surroundings and create economic opportunities for the local population.

Today, the village is home to over 20 guest houses & lodges, restaurants & Cafes, serving both domestic and international travelers.

Mae Kampong Village

Things to do in Mae Kampong Village

Flight of the Gibbon

If you are a person looking for a thrilling adventure during your visit to this authentic village, spending a half day at the flight of the Gibbon is a must. Flight of the Gibbon is one of the best Zipline experiences in Thailand. You can experience the exhilaration of ziplining through the treetop canopies & soaring high above the pristine landscapes of Mae Kampong.

Flight of the gibbon Chiang Mai

Visit a tea Plantation

Mae Kampong’s tea plantations are amazing. Visiting one of them does not only provide you with a great feeling of peace due to the beautiful landscapes, but also an educational experience, allowing travelers to learn about the tea cultivation process, from plucking the leaves to the fine art of brewing the perfect cup of tea.

Nature & Wildlife Watching

Mae Kampong is surrounded by natural beauty. Aside from the tea plantations, there are several small waterfalls located around the village that are worth visiting. The most popular one is Mae Kampong waterfall where visitors can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear fresh waters.

During your visit to the village, you will also have the opportunity to watch some beautiful birds and wildlife such as the White & Black Gibbon, and the great Hornbill.

Mae Kampong Waterfall

Take a delicious cup of Coffee & Try some street food

Coffee tasting in Mae Kampong is a delightful experience that blends the flavors of freshly roasted coffee with the unique charm of this serene Thai village. The region’s cool climate, ideal altitude, and fertile soil create the perfect conditions for growing high-quality coffee beans.

You will finds a lot of Local coffee shops that offer a range of freshly brewed coffee, including the famous Arabica beans. You can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while surrounded by panoramic views of the forests and hills. The coffee culture in this village isn’t just about the drink; it’s also a cultural experience. It’s an opportunity to engage with local coffee growers, learn about the coffee-making process, and even try your hand at roasting beans. This experience is one of the main things that you must do during your visit to Mae Kampong village.

Other than the coffee, you must also try the northern Thai hot sausages from street food sellers. The Sausages in this village are considered as one of the best sausages that you can try in Thailand.

Coffee at Mae Kampong village in Chiang Mai

Attractions around the Village

Muang On Cave

Muang On Cave is is located not far from Mae Kampong village, only around 30 minutes drive. Therefore, it’s a great idea to include it in your itinerary when visiting the village on a one day trip from Chiang Mai. The cave is considered a sacred site, as there is a Buddhist shrine located within its chambers, where locals pay their respects and leave offerings.

Muang On Cave

Sankhampaeng Hot Springs

Sankhampaeng Hot springs is located within the Muang On Cave area, just around 15 minutes drive. It’s home to natural thermal springs with water temperatures reaching up to 105 degrees Celsius. The hotspring is located within a picturesque garden setting, in a very peaceful environment allowing visitors to soak their feet in comfortably warm water while enjoying the peaceful natural surroundings.

Accommodation in Mae Kampong

Mae Kampong has several Accommodation options, however luxury stays are not available. You will find guest houses, Eco-lodges, homestays and treehouses. It’s a great idea to overnight at Mae Kampong to experience the traditional life in a local Thai village away from the other touristy crowded places.

Below are some images showing how the accommodation options look like at Mae Kampong so you can have an idea before planning.

homestay maekampong
homestay maekampong room
Hotel Maekampong Village
Hotel Maekampong
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