Taxi in Bangkok

Taxi in Bangkok

When being in Bangkok, Most probably you will have to take a taxi at least once. Even if you are a public transportation person and you prefer taking the BTS or Public Buses, Sometimes you will have to take a Taxi. Either because you are carrying a lot of Staff after Shopping; or because there is a hard rain while you are walking out there.

Taxi in Bangkok
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Taxi Fares and Meters

All taxis have the fare measuring the Total Price of the Trip. However, Some taxis don’t use it and they either tell you a fixed price of the trip before getting in or surprise with the price when you arrive to your destination. Therefore, you have to make sure that the Fare/ meter is functioning by asking the driver before you get in to avoid any kinds of Problems or negotiations related to that.

If You just went out of an Hotel or a mall and found a taxi, most probably they will not run the fare for you. These kinds of taxis are trying to catch tourists and rib them off with high Prices without running the meter.

How much it costs?

The Fare starts with 35 Thai Baht and Stay like that for a distance of 2 Kilometers. Then it start to increase with 2 Thai Baht for each Kilometer. If there is a traffic jam, it also charges for the waiting time.

taxi fare in Bangkok
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Taxi Colors in Bangkok

Taxis in Bangkok have many Colors. Among these Colors are: Green with Yellow, Orange, Pink and Green. It is easy to recognize them as they all have the Taxi sign on top of the Car. In addition, their Plates are Orange other than the normal white Plates. The Color which exists the most is the Green with the Yellow.

Taxi Colors in Bangkok
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Available Taxis

You can Know whether a taxi is available or not by seing the Red Lighting Sign in Thai. The Typing in Thai on this sign means Available. Therefore when it is lighted up that means that the Taxi is Available. If turned off that it means that the Taxi is not available.

Sometimes after the Taxi stops to Pick you up, the driver may ask you where are you going. Then, they can Accept or refuse to take you with them. This is normal in Bangkok and most of the Taxi drivers do that before letting the customer Goes in.

Available Taxi in Bangkok
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Additional Things that You should Know

  • If You Take express roads on Your way to your destination, You will have to Pay for the toll Stations.
  • If You have Internet Connection, Then you should Open the GPS to know your direction. Sometimes Taxi drivers may take you around and around to increase the Trip Price.
  • Every Taxi driver has his ID Clear for You in case you want to complain him or in case you lost any of Your Belongings in the car when leaving. Make sure to take a Photo of this ID in case You forgot anything in There.
Driver ID
Photo by  Thibaud Saintin(CC BY-SA 2.0) modified

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