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Mini Siam is one of the most popular attractions and things to do in Pattaya. This attractions i located in the northern side of Pattaya. This Attraction is divided into many sections with Statues of the Thailand and the world’s famous monuments minified so you can take some nice photos in one place.

It’s mainly divided into 2 Main parts. The first part is Mini siam, where you can find the statues of the minified monuments of Thailand. The second part is Mini Europe (or the rest of the world), were you can find the minified monuments collected from all around the world.

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Other Things to know about Mini Siam

This attraction is open every day from 09:00 AM in the morning till 19:00 PM in the evening.

You can see many of attractions’ models with smaller statues at this attraction. Among these statues, there are: Eiffel Tower (France), Abu Simbel Temple (Egypt), Piza Tower (Italy), The Grand Palace (Bangkok, Thailand), Ayutthaya Temples (Thailand), The River Kwai bridge (Kanchanaburi Thailand) and many others.

You can stay for 1 or 2 hours maximum in this attraction as you will only be able to take photos for souvenir and nothing else. It’s highly recommended to do a City tour combining several attractions in Pattaya including this one and others such as Art in Paradise, Pattaya floating market,… in a Full or a half day city tour.

The admission fees for Mini Siam is 300 Thai Baht.

Mini Siam