Thailand Elite Visa

Thailand Elite Visa

Royal Vacation Co. LTD is Officially a  GSSA (General Sales and Services Agent) for Thailand Elite Company.

Terms & Conditions

General information and requirements

  • Elite Visa is categorized as a Tourist Visa, which does not allow the holder to legally apply for a work permit to work in Thailand.
  • Any applicant who has more than one overstay record will not be eligible to apply for the Elite Visa, despite having received the Approval Letter in the initial stage of the application procedure. Members who have more than one overstay of any type will be rejected at the immigration office when affixing the Elite Visa stamp.
  • You should have at least 3 blank passport pages to affix the Elite Visa.
  • Terms of the visa shall be granted in accordance with the validity of the membership.
  • Elite Visa validity length will be subject to the membership validity.

Reporting obligations

  1. Thailand Elite Members are required to complete a 90-day report at the Immigration Office in the case of continuously staying in the country without leaving for over 90 days.
  2. If Thailand Elite members stay less than 90 days per entry, they are not required to do a report. If members intend to stay up to, or over 90 days, then the 90-day report is required. For members who live in Bangkok, the submission may be done through the Thailand Privilege Card Head office on Sathorn, Bangkok. The report will be done within 3 working days and does not include any fee. There are also contracted agents to serve members in Chiang Mai, Pattaya, and Phuket, which may also do the 90-day report on behalf of members without any fee.
  3. If staying for a continuous year in Thailand, Thailand Elite members are required to personally report to immigration to get a stay extension. Members will be charged THB 1,900 at the immigration office when applying for this extension. The extension is not required should the member leave Thailand at any point during the 365-day period.

*** TM 30 form (for the Residence Notification as the responsibility from the house/building owner where you stayed
with) is required for 90 days report & stay extension.

Refund policy and information about the validity of the visa issued

  1. According to immigration regulations, if the length of your current passport is not up to a 5-year period, we will issue the Elite Visa in accordance with the expiration date stated on the passport.
  2. If your current passport or passport pages have nearly run out and you need to renew your passport, please kindly send the Customer Contact Center (CCC) the 1st page of your new passport in order for them to update your information and affix the new Elite Visa for the remaining period.
  3. Non-refundable in any case.

Conditions for getting your visa affixed

  1. Only members holding a Tourist Visa, Visa on Arrival, or are on a 30-Day Exempted Tourist Visa are eligible to validate their Elite Visa.
  2. Tourist visa is required for some nationality who would like to obtain Elite Visa at Suvarnabhumi, Phuket Chaingmai Airport.
  3. Non-Immigrant Visas must be cancelled before Elite Visa may be validated. Members have to take
    responsibility for the cancellation of their Non-Immigrant Visa depends on condition as below;
    • For members who are currently staying in Bangkok and holding Non ED, B or O visa – Members who are currently staying in Bangkok on a Non-Immigrant Visa, is to visit the Chaengwattana office to complete the cancellation procedure and request to get the Thailand Elite Visa affixed in the same day (cancel in the morning period and get Thailand Elite Visa in the afternoon).
    • For members who are staying in provinces outside of Bangkok and holding Non ED, B or O visa, the person must first cancel their Non-immigrant visa at the issued location/province. In the case, members are holding any type of Non-Immigrant Visa and has been registered as a ‘Thailand Elite Member’, it is crucial that an appointment for the visa affix service is made before cancelling their Non-Immigrant Visa or during the 7-day Stay Extension period (THB 1,900 fee must be paid to the immigration office for this extension). Members may only request to obtain the Elite Visa at the Chaengwattana immigration office in Bangkok.

4.It is necessary to have TM 30 for members who would like to obtain Elite Visa at immigration Chaengwattana. (TM 30 form for the Residence Notification as the responsibility from the house/building owner where you stayed with).