Phuket 1 Day Quarantine Packages

Phuket 1 day Quarantine packages used to be applied during the COVID 19 pandemic in the year of 2021 and 2022. This Model was called the test and Go model and was required for all arrivals to Thailand at that Time. There was also other requirements in addition to Booking a Test and Go packages such as having a Health insurance covering the COVID 19 treatment expenses with a minimum of 10 thousands US Dollars coverage. Also, Passengers were required to Apply for something called Thailand Pass before the travel to Thailand to be allowed to board the flights and Travel to Thailand.

When applying for this Thailand Pass, Guests weree required to upload several required documents such as Vaccine Proof (They had to be fully vaccinated and being able to proove this with an official document from their government). Upload the Insurance confirmation document, Passport copy and other requirements as well. 

This Model was no Longer applicable for all passengers since June 2022, and travellers are now able to travel to Thailand without any documents nor confirmations required. People can simply now book Thailand Tours and Packages and Travel with no Hassle and without any required documents needed. 

Phuket 1 Day Quarantine Packages

Is this Currently applied for all Nationalities traveling to Thailand?

Yes This is applied for all nationalities traveling to Thailand as there are no more requirements by the government of Thailand nor the Airlines. Most of the countries now decided to release and remove all Entry requirements and Travel restrictions to revive the international tourism back to Boost economies and generate more Employment opportunities to the Local citizens.

The government has already learned a lot from this model and many other countries have seen Thailand as a Leader in introducing models for the Country’s reopening and reviving the tourism Back. In case there is any other pandemic happening in the future. The Government already knows very well the procedures to take in order to help protect local people from any outbreak or danger caused by any pandemic.