Thailand 1 Day Quarantine Packages

Thailand 1 Day Quarantine Packages (Also known as the Test and Go model), were introduced in November 2021. This Model was the last restrictive model for entering Thailand before the full country reopening in July 2022. It was applied in Several destinations around Thailand including Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya mainly. All arrivals who were coming to Thailand under this model were required to undergo one Night Quarantine in one of the government’s approved Hotels (SHA Plus). SHA PLUS is a certificate given by the government to the Hotels and Tour operators who vaccinate at least 70% of their staff. 

In addition to staying in one of those quarantine hotels, tourists were also required to undergo PCR COVID Test upon arrival at the Airport and the test had to be negative so they can be allowed to leave the Quarantine. In case the result of their PCR tests turned out to be positive, guests were required to be moved to a Hospital to be isolated and receive the needed treatment. Also, tourists were required to pre purchase a Travel insurance covering at least 5 thousands US Dollars for COVID 19 treatment expenses in Thailand.

Before Flying, Travelers were required to upload the SHA PLUS Hotel Confirmation Document, Insurance policy, and Vaccine Certificate to an Online Government Platform called the THAILAND PASS. The government Staff used to review these documents once received, and Issue the Thailand Pass certificate for the Travelers in case all documents are meeting the correct requirements. 

Without the Thailand Pas, Travelers were not able to board Aircrafts and travel to Thailand, as all Airlines were informed about the rules and regulations for the entry to the Kingdom. 

Thailand 1 Day Quarantine Packages

How Long this Model Lasted?

This Model took place since November 2021 and was applied until June 2022 before the Country’s fully reopening. It helped many travelers including tourists and expats living in Thailand to be able to enter the country after a longtime to be stranded overseas.