ASQ Thailand

ASQ Thailand (Alternative State Quarantine) was a model introduced by the Thai government (Especially The Thai ministry of Health). All arrivals to the Kingdom of Thailand at a specific point of time during the COVID 19 Pandemic (Specially the first and the second wave), were required to Undergo a minimum number of days in Quarantine. There were many conditions and rules for this quarantine. When First introduced, it was for 15 days, and then when people started to get vaccinated and the government decided to ease the travel restrictions for Thailand entry, it has been reduced to 7 days. 

This Model was the only way any foreigner has to go through in order to Enter Thailand during that time. During Quarantine, Foreigners were required to undergo PCR tests for several times during the 15 days stay. At the start, they were required to undergo 3 times PCR, once on the first day upon arrival, the second was on day 7 and the last one was on day 12. In case the tourist were tested positive, he was required to go and isolate in one of the government Hospitals.

This Model was replaced later by the Phuket sandbox model which was with less requirements and was giving the tourists more freedom to go outside of their rooms, roam the island and do activities as well.

After That, the government decided to ease the restrictions for entry to the kingdom more and more in order to revive the inbound tourism industry and revive the economy. Therefore they have introduced a New model called the test and Go Model which was consisting of an only one day quarantine required upon arrival to Thailand.

ASQ Swimming Pool

How Long the ASQ Model Lasted in Thailand?

The ASQ Model lasted in Thailand for almost one year. It started in about June 2020 after that all the international borders were closed, and Ended by July when the Phuket Sandbox Model took place and replaced the ASQ. During that time, the rules for the ASQ has changed several times. It has been eased for vaccinated people and became only required for them to stay for 7 days instead of originally 15 days when the model was firstly introduced.