Cannabis in Thailand

Cannabis in Thailand

Many Countries around the globe are moving forward towards legalizing the growth and the Consumption of Cannabis. Thailand became one of these Countries after approving the Legalization of Growing Cannabis with Specific Standards and Regulations. The Country is Considered to be the First in South East Asia to legalize Growing Cannabis for Medical Purposes . It will also Launch Cannabis Tours Programs for International and Domestic Tourism.

Provinces where it’s Legal to Grow Cannabis

The Government has Legalized Growing Cannabis in only 8 Provinces around the Country. These Provinces are: Mae Hong Son, Lampang, Samut Songkhram, Sakon Nakhon, Nakhon Ratchasima, Buri Ram, Phatthalung and Chon Buri.

Cannabis Provinces in Thailand

How Cannabis Will be Consumed and Grown in Thailand?

Only Authorized farms are allowed to Grow Cannabis under Specific Supervision from Authorities. To get the License to Grow Cannabis is a not that easy. The Owner Needs to go through some Tough Requirements. This include mainly the Farm itself, the Environment in which the Cannabis Will be Grown, How well Prepared the Place is,.. etc. In addition, The Farm Should have Pre Orders for Cannabis from Official Doctors.

Cannabis Products and Where to Get It From?

This Cannabis Will be used in manufacturing many End User Products Such as Food, Beverage, and Health & Wellness Products. This Includes the Following: Water, Tea, Coffee, Cookies, Yoghurt and Other Products as well.

Important to Know: Growing Cannabis For Using it in Manufacturing Products for Medical and F&B Purposes is Legal. However, Consuming it as a drug is Not Legal (Smoking Cannabis is Not Permitted).

Some may think when Hearing about legalizing the Cannabis in Thailand that It will be Sold in Coffeeshops around the country or in Some Stores Same as in some Countries like the USA or The Netherlands. But this is not what it will be Like in Thailand. The Cannabis will be used in Manufacturing End Products to enhance the Wellness and the health of People Consuming it.

You can Get The Cannabis Products either from the Farms Growing it, Or From a Cannabis Clinics. These Clinics are Starting to be more Popular day by Day in Thailand and More Franchises are being opened around the Country.

Cannabis Clinics

The Cannabis Clinic is a place from Which You can Buy Cannabis Products Such As Food and Beverage Products, Medicines and Other Types of Products as well. In addition to That, You can Receive A Cannabis Treatment After going through Blood Test under the Supervision of Professional Doctors (Other Tests as well may Be required). And then they Can Recommend you to use The Types of Cannabis Treatment Suitable for Your case.

Treatments in The Cannabis Clinics can be used for Pain in the Bones, Skin Problems, Sleeping issues, and many other things as well.

Cannabis Tourism in Thailand

For the Tourism side, Authorities are expecting that Cannabis Tourism will become a trend when the Tourism rebound after the COVID 19 Pandemic. Cannabis Tours in Thailand will be Similar to the Wine Tours in European Countries. It will consist of visiting cannabis Farms, having a tour with a Guide who explains how to grow the best Quality cannabis and give some similar information. After that Guests will be able to purchase the Cannabis Based Products created for health & Wellness, and Food & Beverage Purposes.

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