Grand Palace Bangkok
Grand Palace Bangkok
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The Grand Palace is one of the most famous and most Visited landmarks in Bangkok. It used to be the residence for the Kings of Thailand. In addition, Until 1925, The Grand Palace was the Base for the Royal government and the Court. It was Built around 150 years ago on 1782. The Palace is not the place of residency for the Kings anymore. However, it is still the place for all ceremonies and Special – National Events.

it has a very Special architectural design with a lot of detailed artworks and Paintings. it is Showing how Thai People are talented in artworks and hand made crafts.

Grand Palace Bangkok

Inside the Grand Palace area, it is located Several Landmarks, one of them is the Temple of Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew). Wat Phra Kaew is considered to be the most important Buddhist Temple not only in Bangkok but in all Thailand.

The Grand Palace is very close to Khao San Road, Just around one kilometer away. It is a road where you can enjoy Shopping, eating or Going out at Night. It is also very Close to wat Arun temple. You just need to cross to the other side of Chaophraya River by taking the Ferry Boat. So You can consider Spending One full day in The Grand Palace area visiting the Palace, Wat Arun and maybe Khao San Road.

You will also Find several Coffee Shops and restaurants surrounding the Palace to Serve tourists in between their visits.

Things you should know before visiting the Grand Palace Bangkok

  • The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew are Sacred Places in Thailand. Therefore, visitors and tourists must be dressed properly otherwise they will not be allowed to enter. Properly Means no Slippers or Sandals, Avoid wearing tank tops and try to wear pants. For women, If the Security and supervisors see that you are not Dressed properly, you will have the option to get clothes from a booth next to the entrance but you need to leave a Deposit first.
  • The Palace and The temple of Emerald Buddha Open Daily from 8:30 AM till 15:30 PM
The Grand Palace Architecture


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