LTR Visa Vs Thailand Elite Visa

LTR Visa Vs Thailand Elite Visa

The Thai Government has recently introduced a New Long Term Visa Type Last September called the LTR Visa (Long Term Resident Visa). This Visa allows its Holder to Stay in Thailand for up to 10 years, apply for a Work Permit, and Other Benefits such as Fast Track immigration Service and Others. Many People thought that the Benefits that this Visa Type Provides are Similar to the Ones Provided by the Thailand Elite Visa Despite the huge Difference in the fees between Both Visas. In this article we will be highlighting the Main Differences between both Visas, Clarify Which one is Better based on your situation and Other Explanations About Thailand LTR Visa Vs Thailand Elite Visa. 

Who Can Apply for LTR Visa and Elite Visa

Who can Apply for Thailand Elite Visa?

For Thailand Elite Visa, The Requirements for Applying are Very Simple. Anyone is able to apply as long as he/she can afford the Visa fees. No Age Limit is required for Thailand Elite Visa except for the Elite Ultimate Privilege’s (Thailand Elite Visa has Different Plans Available). Not having a Previous Criminals Record in your Country and Thailand is also Required to be able to Apply for this Visa Type. 

Thailand Elite Visa

Who Can Apply for Thailand LTR Visa?

In Opposite to Thailand Elite Visa, LTR Visa only allows Specific Target Groups to apply. These 4 Target Groups are:

  • Wealthy Global Citizens
  • Wealthy Pensioners
  • Work From home Thailand Professionals
  • Highly Skilled Professionals

Click Here to Check Full Details about each Group

So in Summary, the Requirements for Thailand Elite Visa are much easier compared to the ones required for the LTR Visa as for the LTR, only Specific Targeted groups are allowed to apply.

Prices and Fees for Both Visa Types

The Visa fee for Thailand LTR Visa is 50,000 Thai Baht that allows you to stay for Total of 10 Years.

For the Thailand Elite Visa, there are Many Plans Available with Different Possible Stay duration in Thailand. We will Compare the Plan that allows you to Stay in Thailand for up to 10 Years.

There are Two 10 Years Plans available for Thailand Elite Visa, those plans are: Elite Family Alternative and Elite Maxima Health. 

The Elite Family alternative Costs 800,000 Thai Baht, and the Elite Maxima Health Costs 1 Million Thai Baht. 

In Summary, There is no Doubt that the LTR Visa Application Cost is much cheaper than the Thailand Elite Visa. 

Thailand Updated Travel Restrictions Visa Service

Which Visa Type Provides More Benefits to its Holder, Thailand Elite Visa or Thailand LTR Visa?

To be able to compare the Benefits Provided by Each Visa Type from the Elite and the LTR, we will compare by Selecting 2 Plans of the Thailand Elite Visa that allows Staying for up to 10 Years in Thailand. 

The Below Table Summarizes the Benefits and Privileges Provided by Each Visa Type: 

Privilege/ BenefitThailand LTR VisaElite Family AlternativeElite Privilege Access
Limousine ServiceNANA18 Times
Airport Lounge AccessNAYesYes
Annual Health CheckNANA1 Time Per Year
90 Days Reporting ServiceNA – for LTR Visa, reporting is only once a yearYesYes
Government ConciergeNAYesYes
Banking ServiceNAYesYes
Special Discounts in Department StoresNAYesYes
Fast Track immigration YesYesYes
Airport Meet & Greet ServiceNAYesYes
Able to get Work PermitYesNANA

So to Summarize, Thailand Elite Visa VS Thailand LTR Visa are Totally Different, with Different requirements and Different Privileges Provided, However the Main thing in Common between both of them is the Ability to Stay for 10 Years in Thailand.

Thailand LTR Visa is only applicable for 4 Group Categories, if you belong to one of them and are able to Supply the required Documents and not interested in the Thailand Elite Visa Privileges, then definitely the LTR Visa will be more suitable for you. If You are Looking for a Visa with very minor requirements that allows you to stay for a Long term in Thailand in addition to many privileges and Benefits, then the Elite Visa will definitely be good for you.

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