Samui Plus Details

Samui Plus Details

Samui Plus is the Name of the reopening Plan of the Main 3 Touristic Islands in Surat Thani: Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.

The Plan has been already Accepted and officially approved, and will start to be implemented Starting from the 15th of July 2021 as per the Below Details:

Generally Speaking, The Model is Similar to the Phuket Sandbox Model, However, The Stay is divided into two Main Parts. The First 7 Days and the last 7 Days. Guests will Stay in a SHA EXTRA PLUS Hotel during the First 7 Days, and in a SHA PLUS Hotel in the 2nd 7 Days.

Below is the Details on how the Tourist Journey will be like during the Samui plus Model:

Details About Samui Plus

Day 0

Day 0 is the day of Guest’s Arrival. Guests will pass through all the Immigration Process, and will need to undergo their first Real-Time (RT-PCR) test. The Guest will need to Wait inside his SHA Extra Plus Room until that the negative test Result Appears.

Day 1 – 3

After That the Guest has been tested Negative, he/she will be able to relax and use the facilities of the SHA Extra Plus Hotel as per the Hotel’s Rules and Guidelines.

Day 4 – 7

Tourists Will be able to go outside their SHA Extra Plus Hotel and travel inside Koh Samui Island (Car and Motorcycle rental are not allowed, and all the Tours and transfers need to be handled by a Tour Company). On DAY 6 – 7 The Second RT PCR Test will be conducted.

Day 8 – 14

After that the Tourist has been tested negative, he will be able to check out from the SHA Extra Plus Hotel and transferred to the Booked SHA Plus Hotel. This Sha Plus hotel can be either in Koh Samui, Koh Tao or Koh Phangan. The Tourist will be able to Travel within these 3 Islands from day 8 to day 14 by activating the Thailand Plus Tracking application.

SHA Plus Samui Plus

On Day 12-13, the Tourist will need to undergo his/her third PCR Test, and If tested negative, will be able to Travel to any Other Province around Thailand Freely.

Thailand Plus Application

Who is Eligible to join the Samui Plus Model?

  • People traveling from Countries that are permitted by Thailand Ministry of Public Health/Proposed by the TAT (Low and Medium Risk Countries).
  • Travelers have to be in these low risk countries at least 21 Days before Departure. This doesn’t apply for People who are residents in Thailand, They will need to Stay in the low Risk country at least 14 days before Departure (Instead of 21 Days).
  • Travelers have to be vaccinated at least 14 days before their Departure with a vaccines that are approved either by Thailand FDA or WHO (World Health Organization)
  • Children under 18 Years Old will not need to present a Vaccine Certificate when traveling with their Parents to Join the Samui Plus Model.
Samui Plus Who Can Travel

Pre arrival for Samui Plus (What need to be prepared)

All Travelers need to have the Proof of the Below Requirements before Joining Samui Plus

  • RT PCR Test need to be done within 72 hours before departure from the Country of Origin.
  • Insurance covering at Least 100,000 USD against COVID 19 treatment Expenses
  • Need to Provide the Payment of the Accommodation for 14 Days as per the SAMUI PLUS Rules which is: 7 Days in a SHA Extra Plus Hotel and 7 days in a SHA PLUS HOTEL in one of the 3 Islands (koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Koh Tao)
  • All travelers will need to apply for a COE (Certificate of Entry), in order to be able to Depart from their Country of Origin.

How to get to Koh Samui to Join this Model

Only Allowing Travelers coming with Direct flights from Overseas to Koh Samui and Travelers Who Transit via Bangkok. But travelers are not allowed to travel in a Normal Commercial Flight from Bangkok (Only through Bangkok Airways). 

Other Things you Should know About Samui Plus:

  • Tourists Can Stay less than 14 Nights if they want. However, They will need to Leave Thailand and they will not be able to Visit any other Province in the Country without Completing the 14 Nights Required.
  • During Your 14 Nights Stay, Car rental will not be allowed, and you will need to Book SHA PLUS Transfers with Tour or Transportation operator to be able to move around the island.
  • After Finishing the 14 Nights, You can Travel Freely around Thailand. You will need to carry the Certificates proving that you have finished the Required SHA Extra Plus and SHA PLUS Stay to be able to Travel.
  • When Going out of The Hotel, Travelers must Behave with the New Normal Rules to Limit and Control any chance Of COVID 19 Spread.
transfers and car rental

What Happens if You test Positive or If You arrive Koh Samui and You don’t meet the Requirements?

If you arrive at Koh Samui international Airport and you are not meeting the requirements needed to Join the Samui Plus Model, You will be transferred to an ALQ and you will have to Spend 14 Days as Per Normal Quarantine rules.

In Case of Testing Positive, Same Rule will be applied as well.

Measures for Domestic Travel from Any Province in Thailand to Koh Samui

  • If The Traveler is not vaccinated, Then he/she Needs to do an RT PCR Test not less than 72 Hours before Traveling to Koh Samui.
  • For Fully vaccinated travelers, They need to Show a Proof of their Vaccine, and they have to be fully vaccinated at least 7 Days before arrival. (No need for Test Before Departure)
  • For People who have Been vaccinated with One Dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine with Not Less than 21 Days before Departure, Will not need to do Test before Departure.
  • For People who have been Recently infected with COVID 19 and have Antibodies (Not Less than 14 Days and Not More than 90 Days), will not need to do test before Departure to Koh Samui (will need to Show Proof).

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