Phuket Sandbox

Phuket Sandbox For Vaccinated Tourists Starting from July 2021

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What is Phuket Sandbox Model?

The Phuket Sandbox model was Proposed by Thailand Authorities in order to reopen the Country for International Tourists without the need of Quarantine Upon arrival. This Project will only be applied for Vaccinated Tourists and will be applied starting from the 1st of July. The Proposal States that the tourists arriving to Phuket must stay at least 7 Nights before moving to any other Province in Thailand. In addition to that, The Project will only be applied if at least 70% Of Phuket Population has been vaccinated by that time. You can Read Full Details about the Application of The Phuket Sandbox Program through the Below Article.

Phuket Sandbox Guide
After that the Thai government has confirmed that The Country’s reopening Plan will remain the...

Phuket Sandbox Hotels

Only Hotels Who received The SHA PLUS (Safety and Health administration Certificate), are allowed to Host Vaccinated Guests under the Phuket Sandbox Program.  Below are the Popular Ones and You can check and Book all the Available Hotels By Clicking on the Below Button “View all Hotels”

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To check the Full List of The SHA Plus Hotels in Thailand Click Here

Phuket Sandbox Tours

Visiting Phuket under this model Starting from July will be limited in Only Some areas and Under Some Rules. All of Our Tours meet the Requirements and the Rules of this model, So you can Book and Travel with No Hassle. 

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Phuket Sandbox All in One Packages

Our Phuket Sandbox All In One Packages include all the Necessary requirements that you will need to be able to Travel under this model. These inclusions are: Hotel Accommodation, One Way Airport Transfer, COE Service, Insurance and COVID Test as per requirements

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This Model was for Traveling during COVID 19 and is no Longer applicable as Thailand is in the Endemic Stage already and Reopened for Tourism. 
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