Thailand LTR Visa Targeted Industries

Thailand LTR Visa Targeted Industries

Thailand LTR Visa (Long Term Resident Visa) is a Newley Introduced Visa that allow its holders to stay in Thailand for 10 Years.

There are Four Groups Eligible to Apply for Thailand LTR Visa, and One of them is the High Skilled Professionals. Thailand’s Board of Investment has recently Defined the Targeted Industries for those Professionals (Total of 14 Targeted Industries as Per below):

  1. Next-Gen Automotive Industry
  2. Smart Electronics Industry
  3. Affluent Tourism Industry
  4. Agricultural and Biotechnology Industry
  5. High value-added Food Processing
  6. Automation and Robotics Industry
  7. Aviation Industry
  8. Biofuels and Biochemicals Industry
  9. Digital Industry
  10. Medical Industry
  11. Defense Industry
  12. Human Resource Development, Research and Development for targeted industries
  13. Industries Facilitating the Circular Economy directly and significantly Such as the production of energy-from-waste, water resources management etc…
  14. Other targeted industries in accordance with the 20-year National Strategic Plan as approved by the Board of the National Competitiveness Enhancement Policy for Targeted Industries Policies


Thailand LTR Visa Targeted Industries
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