Thailand Visa Extension Online

Thailand Visa Extension Online

Thailand Visa Extension Online is Now available for Travelers Staying in Thailand under the Thailand tourist visa (TR) or Thailand visa exemption Scheme.

Thailand Visa Extension Online Process

First of All you need to Visit the VFS EVisa Website and Sign Up with your email, Nationality and Phone Number as Per the below Screenshot taken from the VFS Website:

Thailand Visa Extension Online

After Signing Up, You will be redirected to the Page where you will be adding the Information Needed to Check whether you are Eligible for Thailand Visa Extension Online or not.

The Website Provides 2 Types of Services. The First One is Express Service and the Second One is Super Urgent Service. Each Service Type has a Different Price, and of Course the Super Urgent One is more Expensive.

Express Service allows you to Book the appointment at least One week earlier. However the Super Urgent Service allows you to Book Appointment from 3 to 7 days earlier.

VFS Online Visa Extension Thailand

Documents Submission

You will need to Upload and Submit the Below Documents Online While Applying for the Extension:

  • Passport Cover Page
  • Passport Bio Page
  • Entry Stamp
  • Photograph (Check the Guidelines)
  • Additional Documents if Any (Can be Visa Photo if You come under the Tourist Visa)

Add Accommodation Details

After Submitting the above Information online, You will be redirected to another Step where you will be required to add your accommodation Details (Address, Province, etc…).

Add Appointment Details

After Adding the accommodation Details, You will be redirected to the appointment Page where you can add the date and time of the appointment.

Appointments Slots are available from 8:30 AM till 15:30 PM (During the working hours).

Online Appointment for Thailand Visa Extension

Payment for Thailand Visa Extension Online

After Submitting all Requirements Online and Setting the Appointment date and time, you will be redirected to the Payment Page (Payment Available by Visa and Master Card). The Fee for Visa Extension in Thailand costs 1,900 Thai Baht for 30 days Extension.

Do I Still Need to Visit the immigration Office to Stamp My Passport?

This Allows you to finish the Process and Submit all the documents and review them Online, However, You will Still need to go to the Immigration Office to Stamp your Passport.

At the Meantime, This Online Documents Submission Service for Online Extension is only available for Stamping in Bangkok. It’s not yet Clear When Other Immigration Offices will be added for the online Documents Submissions

Additional Remarks:

It’s Also Possible to take appointments at the Immigration office for other Services as Well, However the Fees Paid online is Non Refundable.

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