Thi Lo Su Waterfall: The Largest Waterfall in Thailand

Thi Lo Su Waterfall: The Largest Waterfall in Thailand

Nestled amidst the untouched beauty of Tak Province, Thi Lo Su Waterfall stands tall as a hidden gem within Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary. This Waterfall is considered as the Biggest Waterfall in Thailand, and one of the most beautiful natural spots to visit around the Country. In this Article we will be going through some useful information about Thi Lo Su Waterfall including its location, the best way to access it from Bangkok and Chiang Mai, the best time to visit, The best surrounding activities that can be Explored during an expedition to this area, wildlife encounters, and whether the journey is truly worth undertaking.

An Overview of Thi Lo Su Waterfall

Located in the heart of the jungles, Thi Lo Su Waterfall reveals nature’s unparalleled artistry. Rising approximately 300 meters in height and stretching wide, It consists of multi-tiers with several levels or cascades. the main waterfall being the largest and most prominent. The exact number of levels may vary depending on how one defines a distinct level or cascade, but it is commonly believed to have at least 10 to 15 tiers in total.

Thi Lo Su Waterfall

How Large is Thi Lo Su Waterfall

In order to imagine how large Thi Lo Su waterfall is, below are two tables showing the comparison with the other largest waterfalls around the World, and with the Other largest waterfalls in Thailand.

Thi Lo Su Waterfall Compared with other Waterfalls in Thailand

Thi Lo Su WaterfallTak Province300 meters (984 feet)
Erawan WaterfallKanchanaburi Province150 meters (492 feet)
Huay Mae Kamin WaterfallKanchanaburi Province100 meters (328 feet)
Mae Surin WaterfallChiang Mai Province90 meters (295 feet)
Wang Thong WaterfallPhitsanulok Province80 meters (262 feet)

Thi Lo Su Waterfall Compared with The Largest Waterfalls around the world

Angel FallsVenezuela979 meters (3,212 feet)
Tugela FallsSouth Africa948 meters (3,110 feet)
Tres Hermanas FallsPeru896 meters (2,940 feet)
Olo’upena FallsUnited States (Hawaii)900 meters (2,953 feet)
Puukaoku FallsUnited States (Hawaii)840 meters (2,756 feet)
RamnefjellsfossenNorway818 meters (2,684 feet)
BalåifossenNorway805 meters (2,641 feet)
Thi Lo Su WaterfallThailand300 meters (984 feet)

Location and Accessibility

Journey from Bangkok:

The journey to Thi Lo Su begins with a domestic flight to Mae Sot, the nearest airport (Taking about 50 minutes). From there, private transportation or guided tours lead the way to this remote waterfall. The distance between Mae Sot Airport and The waterfall takes approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Journey from Chiang Mai:

Travelers starting from Chiang Mai can also embark on this adventure. Whether by road or air, the destination is accessible through domestic flights to Mae Sot. The number of Domestic flights operating from Chiang Mai is more than the ones operating from Bangkok. After arriving at the Airport, you can also take a Private transportation or a Guided tour to reach the amazing Waterfall.

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Man in front of Thi Lo Su

The Best Time to experience Thi Lo Su’s Beauty

To experience the full splendor of Thi Lo Su, timing is essential. If you are looking to Explore the Voluminous Flow of the waterfall, the ideal period to visit is from July to November, when the cascades offer a captivating spectacle. However, during this time, the road to the waterfall is not accessible and the only way to reach is through Rafting and Hiking Guided adventures.

If you want to visit the waterfall during the dry season while enjoying a sunny weather, then the best time will be from November till May. During this time of the year, driving to the campsite is possible and you can reach easier in case you don’t prefer the rafting and the Hiking ways.

Thi Lor Su Waterfall

Activities at Thi Lo Su and the Enchanting Surrounds

Beyond admiring the breathtaking waterfall, Thi Lo Su offers a treasure trove of activities:

Trekking and Hiking:

Nature enthusiasts and trekkers can explore dense jungles, uncovering hidden waterfalls, exotic flora, and diverse wildlife.

Bamboo Rafting:

A leisurely bamboo rafting experience provides a unique perspective of the lush surroundings, immersing visitors in tranquility.


Camping opportunities near the waterfall allow for a profound connection with nature under a canopy of stars. (Other accommodation options are available in the area as well, in case you prefer a more comfortable stay).

Exploring Caves:

Nearby caves offer thrilling spelunking adventures, each unveiling its secrets.

Visiting Hill Tribes:

Interacting with indigenous hill tribes offers an enriching experience, providing insight into unique cultures and warm hospitality. Accessing the waterfall was not possible decades ago, and used to be only known by the local hill tribe villagers living around this area.

Wildlife Encounters at Thi Lo Su

Thi Lo Su’s vicinity serves as a sanctuary for wildlife, with various bird species, butterflies, and small mammals thriving in the lush ecosystem. Lucky observers may even catch glimpses of elephants, gibbons, and macaques. It is essential to maintain a respectful distance and adhere to guidelines to protect both the animals and their habitat.

Larget Waterfall in Thailand

Is the Journey Worth Undertaking?

Without a doubt, the journey to Thi Lo Su Waterfall rewards adventurers with unforgettable memories. While it demands effort to reach this natural wonder, the breathtaking vistas, untouched nature, and unique experiences render the expedition more than worthwhile. Thi Lo Su offers an escape from the urban bustle, immersing travelers in a realm of unparalleled beauty. You can request a Thailand Tailor made Holiday with us and we will make your journey to the waterfall exceptional.

National Park Fee and Additional Details

To preserve the pristine allure and ecological balance, a nominal entry fee grants access to Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, Thi Lo Su’s home. As fees and regulations may evolve.

In conclusion, Thi Lo Su Waterfall emerges as an unparalleled wonder in Thailand’s natural tapestry. Its splendor, remote location, and breathtaking adventures make it an extraordinary treasure to explore. Whether seeking soul-stirring scenery, thrilling activities, or communion with nature’s brilliance, Thi Lo Su has it all. Embrace the journey, savor the enchantment, and allow the mystique of this captivating waterfall to etch memories of a lifetime. Prepare for a wondrous voyage, and let the allure of Thi Lo Su weave its timeless spell upon your heart.

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